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Adams Sanitation Residential Recycling Service Cart

Adams offers curbside recycling with pickup every other week, for $7.50 per month. 

Brand new 96-gallon roll carts with yellow lids will be provided. If you are in our RapidCart delivery zone – you”ll get your cart in two business days or less! If you live in Okaloosa County, you can expect your cart in 3-5 business days!

Every other week service with a 96-gallon can will allow you to recycle more material than twice-weekly service with a traditional 15-gallon tote bin and allows us to keep the price as low as possible.

For our senior customers living in Okaloosa County, we can provide a smaller 65-gallon recycling can to match your 65-gallon trash can upon request. 

Please remember to have your recycling cart out for pick by 6am on your pickup day! 


It’s the moment East Milton has been waiting for! (Ok, not THE moment, we know recycling ain’t the only thing in your life 😅). 

We are EXPANDING our recycling service area to the East Milton area! 

Starting on Jan 24th, we will begin accepting sign ups for the area on the map in 👑GOLD👑

This area includes East Milton and Harold. 

🆓 – when you sign up before the 1st of March, we will waive your $25 cart delivery fee! 

We will begin to deliver carts in March. You will have your brand-spankin-new cart before your first recycling pickup in April (on the 6th.)

Everything south of the Blackwater River and everything north of the Yellow River is included in this expansion. 

The route will start on April 6th and will be included on the Crestview/Milton Part of the Schedule. You can get a recycling calendar below. 

First charge to your account will take place on the 15th of March and will cover April’s service! 

💵 Cost for service will be $7.50 per month and will require a $25 cart deposit that you will get back at the end of your service, should you choose to cancel! 


To Sign Up for Service

📧 email info@adamssanitation with your address and request to be added to the recycling route

🖥 Chat with one of our reps to sign up online

📲 Call 537.3282 to talk to one of our representatives and sign up

*please take note that serviceability of some addresses won’t be possible unless enough people sign up. To avoid being left out of the recycling program – talk it over with your neighbors and make sure they sign up with you! serviceability of some addresses in remote areas may be subject to sufficient demand in your area prior to March 01. We will notify you prior cart delivery if we are not able to service your address due to a lack of demand.

Printable Recycling Calendars

Adams Sanitation Recycling Customers in Pace and Crestview routes will receive service on the following dates in 2022. 

June 22 • July 6 • July 20 • August 3 • August 17 • August 31 • September 14 • September 28 • October 12 • Octover 26 • November 9 • November 23 • December 7 • December 21

Please remember to check your email for any information about changes to your schedule. 

Adams Sanitation Recycling Schedule A

Adams Sanitation Recycling Customers in Pace and Crestview routes will receive service on the following dates in 2022. 

June 15 • June 29 • July 13 • July 27 • August 10 • August 24 • September 7 • September 21 • October 5 • October 19 • November 2 • November 16 • November 30 • December 14 • December 28

Please remember to check your email for any information about changes to your schedule. 

Adams Sanitation Recycling Schedule B

Acceptable recyclable materials include:

  • Glass, any color
  • Newspaper & Inserts

  • Cardboard

  • Boxboard (cereal, cake & cracker boxes, etc.)

  • Plastic bottles

  • Plastics No. 1 & 2

  • Plastic Milk Jugs and 2-Liter bottles (including caps)

  • Aluminum Cans & Lids

  • Tin and Steel Cans & Lids

  • Metal Pots, Pans & Cookie Sheets

  • Pet food cans (no plastic liner)

Recyclables do not need to be sorted. Materials should be placed directly into the 96-gallon can – please do not bag the recyclables. If you have more recycling than the provided 96-gallon can will hold, you may place bins or another can by the yellow-lid can and we will take that material too.

Service will initially be available to all customers in the following areas: All accounts in and around Holt, Milligan and Baker (north to Vincent Ray Road and west to Cotton Bridge as well as all customers east of Crestview as far north as the Shoal River bridge on Hwy 393. If you live in our Blackman and Laurel Hill service areas and would like to participate in the recycling program, please let us know. If there is sufficient demand for the program in your area, we will work to expand the program to meet your needs. 

Service for residents of Santa Rosa County will begin on April 1, 2021. 

Will my recycling actually get recycled?


Currently, the Baker transfer station does not have a tipping floor to offload full trucks of recyclables. Until such a facility becomes available in Baker the material will be delivered either to the Fort Walton Beach transfer station or to the Santa Rosa County transfer facility. From there, the recyclables will be taken to the Emerald Coast Utility Authority’s Recycling Recovery Center in north Escambia County.

We took a tour recently and were impressed with their efforts. The recyclables are sorted using a mix of automated, mechanical, and human processors.

Approximately 75-80% of the material that makes it to the Recovery Center is ultimately recycled.

The recovered materials are then baled and sold to be repurposed into new products. The majority of the recovered materials are sold to American manufacturers. The glass is crushed and given free to a fiberglass insulation manufacturer. Even though there is no financial return from the glass, the material is not taking up valuable landfill space.