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You may be wondering what the general rules are for our general trash service! Check out our general guidelines (what we call the ‘Ten Trash Commandments’) below for more information.(click on the links below, if you’re looking for more specific information on Bulk Waste or Yard Waste)

1. Adams Sanitation shalt pick up a maximum of four small items by the trash per trash pickup. 

Adams Sanitation is happy to take items that are under 50 pounds with your regular collection. We will collect up to four items outside of the cart that we provide. Should you regularly put more than four items outside your cart, it may be time for you to upgrade to premium service, and an extra cart! You can do that by clicking here, or calling 850.537.3282. 

2. The four (4) items Adams shalt collect outside of your cart include items similar in dimension to your typical kitchen trash bag. 

In order to make sure that we are efficient in our routes and able to provide everyone with a high value service at an fair price, we ask that you ensure that your items by the cart be of an appropriate size and weight. Our standard outside-the-cart collection item is a 13 gallon kitchen trashbag.

If you have items that are significantly large and heavy, we will notate the item for a bulk collection pick up. If the item is prohibitively large, unwieldy or heavy, you may need a special pickup. If you think your item needs a special pickup – please call our office at 850.537.3282. 

3. Thou shalt not put out non-Adams trash carts for trash day collection. 

This commandment is super important, because we are not able to tip (put trash into the truck using the hydraulic aid) non-Adams carts. Our carts are specifically designed to work with our trucks, and reduce injuries to our employees. If you need another cart, please fill out this form for an additional cart or call our office at 850.537.3282. 

4. Thou shalt bag thy trash which is not in thine cart. 

Trash can get everywhere, especially if it is left by the curb unbagged. We are not able to collect all of the debris that may fly around the neighborhood if it is unbagged. While trash inside the cart does not need to be bagged, trash outside of the cart does. 

That being said, it really helps us out if your trash is bagged inside your cart as well. This makes our jobs a little easier and helps ensure that loose trash doesn’t make it out of the back of the truck and into the neighborhood. 

5. Adams shalt ask ye to honor thy trash lady or trash guy – place thy cart wheels out toward the road.

This makes it quick and easy for us to know that your trash cart has trash to be picked up. We will return it to the curb at a 90 degree angle from where it was in order to indicate to you that your trash (or recycling) has been picked up!

6. Adams shalt honor thy property rights and our insurers commands.

This means we will not go onto your land – except in very specific circumstances and with permission in the form of a waiver that you would need to sign. 

7. Thou shalt bring thy trash cart to the nearest public right of way. 

Please bring your trash cart to the nearest public right-of-way to your house. This ensures that we know that your trash cart is out for pickup and we don’t miss you! 

8. Thou shall not place pressurized containers, ammunition or combustables in thy trash. 

Trash pickup is actually one of the most dangerous jobs in America, according to a recent report. (It’s number 5, after loggers, private pilots, oil derrick operators and roofers). One of the reasons why it’s so dangerous – because people put pressurized containers in the trash. These containers (like ‘empty’ propane tanks, ammunition and combustibles can explode when crushed and basically act like a grenade. Please please please don’t put those items under pressure into the trash. 

9. Thou shalt not use thy cart for thy dead animal carcasses. 

It’s summer as we are writing this – and dead animals (which always smell bad) smell really bad right now. Also, maggots. 

10. Thy Charcoal. If it’s hot – it doesn’t go in the trash cart. 

Putting hot charcoals (or charcoals that ‘aren’t hot anymore’) in your trash cart is dangerous for you, your home and our trash carts. Hot charcoals can (and often do) melt trash carts. These carts are made of plastic, and melting plastic fumes can’t be good for anyone. 

ever heard the term ‘dumpster fire’ used to describe something that has gone horribly, unstoppably wrong? That’s what happens when your trash in the trash cart catches fire too. This has happened before, and it a’int pretty. It often also requires the fire department to come and put out said dumpster fire. Trust me when we say those guys and gals love to make dumpster fire jokes at calls for trash fire jokes. 

11. Thou Shalt Not Deposit Construction Debris In Thy Trash Cart

Ok – so there are 11 commandments (sorry!) We are not able to take carts with construction debris in them. Please don’t put construction debris in your cart!

Adams makes it easy for you to pay your bill online, by phone, dropbox, or mail. Visit our Pay My Bill page for complete details and to learn how to sign up for autopay and never miss a payment!

If your trash is not picked up on your regular collection day, and the container was placed out by 6 am, notify us by phone at (850)-537-3282 or use our Contact Us Form by 4:00 pm the next business day. Leave your cart out as our trucks will occasionally run late because of weather or vehicle issues.

Adams Sanitation observes the following holidays:

New Year’s Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Customers will receive a phone call and email a week in advance of these holidays to provide updates on the adjusted pick-up days. We will adopt a sliding schedule the week of a holiday so that no customer goes without two trash pick-ups in a week. We appreciate your understanding!

If you consistently have more trash than one trash cart can hold, you can request a second can for $10 more per month. Complete our Contact Form to request a second can. 

Each account includes one free bulk pick-up per month Read our bulk policy at the link below. We will take up to three items from your curb, as long as they are within our bulk guidelines! After you put your bulk items out for disposal, you can expect them to be gone within three days! 

We will also collect bulk items placed by the can that are small and light enough (50 lbs or less) for our drivers to load without injuring the driver or the truck.

Adams provides our customers with 95-gallon cans and for our Okaloosa County senior citizens, we offer a 65 gallon can. 

Non-seniors can request up to two, 95-gallon cans.

Customer bills are sent to customers on the 15th of the month and are due on the first of the following month – so about two weeks after you receive it! 

Visit our Pay My Bill page to learn more about payment options including setting up autopay. 

Place leaves in your 95-gallon trash can or bag them and place them by the can and we’ll make them disappear. We will take away limbs no larger than 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. Bundles of limbs set in or by the trash can should be no more than 3 feet in total diameter.

We offer this service, free of charge, once per month to all of our customers! This pickup allows a maximum of 10 bags of leaves and one bundle of branches. Please notify the office by calling 537.3282 before you place your yard waste out, so we know to come and pick it up! 

We offer an optional every other week recycling program for an additional $5 per month in Okaloosa County residents and $6 per month for residents of Santa Rosa County. Visit our Recycling page to learn more about this program. Or, stop by our 24/7 recycling drop-off station at our Baker office. Drop your recycling items in our recycling containers anytime, day or night, for free. All recycling items collected in Okaloosa County and Santa Rosa are taken to the Emerald Coast Utility Authority in Pensacola. For a complete list of what is acceptable and what is not, visit their website at https://ecua.fl.gov/live-green/recycling

Our Baker office is a drop-off location for (during business hours only) battery and cell phone recycling. Rechargeable batteries accepted include lithium-ion, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, and small sealed lead-acid. We can also accept small single-use batteries such as AA, AAA, 9V, C, D, and button cell batteries. Small hand-held electronics with integrated rechargeable batteries, such as cell-phones, may also be dropped off. Limit 2 lbs. per customer per month.

If you have a persistent bear buddy in your neighborhood we can outfit your cart with two bear-locks that help deter hungry bears from messing with your trash. This is a one-time charge of $20. If we have to replace the lock(s), you are not charged again.

If you are a senior household (2 people or less and 65 or older) in Okaloosa County you qualify for our senior discount! Contact us today to sign-up and get a $4.00 per month discount on your bill. We will also deliver a smaller, more manageable 65-gallon trash can. The smaller can still holds plenty of trash but is a bit easier to handle than our 95-gallon cans.

*Senior Citizen rate and 65 gallon carts are currently not available for Santa Rosa customers. 

We are not permitted to pick-up Hazardous Waste as defined by Okaloosa County, which includes needles and other red-bagged medical waste. Arrangements can be made for the disposal of hazardous waste by contacting Okaloosa County at 850-609-6168. More information is available on the Okaloosa County website at


And at the Santa Rosa County website: 


We are now offering FREE notary service to our valued customers. Visit our Milton office during business hours and one of our employees will be glad to help you with your document(s). 

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