The Adams Sanitation Yard Waste Infographic

The Adams Sanitation Yard Waste Infographic was created to help our customers in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa County Florida understand the rules and regulations concerning their yard waste pickup. This way we make sure that their trash pickup can go as smoothly as possible. 

For as long as we have operated, we have picked up yard waste for free for our customers in Northwest Florida. 

Now that we are able to serve North Santa Rosa County, Including Pace, Milton and Jay – we are excited to bring this yard waste hauling service to the community! 

What else could make like easier that easy and convenient yard waste hauling to the Santa Rosa County Dump for free! Plus we will be able to ensure that you never have to take in the sights and smells of the dump on your own. Keep your sense of smell (and keep it happy with our yard waste service!)


a close up of blades of grass

Notes About Yard Waste for Santa Rosa and Okaloosa County Florida

So what is yard waste? In northwest Florida, yard waste is clippings, limbs and leaves that are created from normal yard maintenance. 

Just as importantly, there are things that are NOT yard waste that you need to know about as well. Baseballs, Footballs, Tennis balls and other round sports objects 😂 are not yard waste. 

Additionally, fecal matter (that’s poop) ain’t yard waste either. Please dont put it in with your yard waste bags! 

Water hoses are not yard waste, because they are rubber, have metal fastenings and a treated with chemicals. 

Clay pots are not yard waste either – nor are yard tools. Hand spaces, edgers, lawnmowers, those spreader things and weed whackers are not yard waste. 

Finally, lumber is not yard waste. That is construction and demolition debris and we cannot take it to the landfill. Santa Rosa County refuses to take it. 

Adams Sanitation Yard Waste Pickup Procedure

Adams Sanitations yard waste pickup procedure takes place in three easy steps!

First, you place up to 10 bags of yard waste by your trash cart on your pickup day once per month. Additionally, we will take four bundles of sticks, leaves and twigs. 

Our trash crews note it in their handy-dandy tablets. 

Then they take your yard waste away the same day.

Rules About Your Yard Waste

Adams Sanitation has 4 big rules about your yard waste pickup. 

  1. for Adams Sanitation to pick up your tree limbs in our yard waste pickup – all of the limbs must be 6 inches or less in diameter – about the length of a dollar bill. We cannot take tree limbs any larger, because they could destroy our hydraulic crusher on the back of our trucks. 
  2. Tree limbs need to be less than four feet long – this is about the heighth of a Adams Sanitation Trash Can!
  3. Tree limbs need to be bundled in order for us to pick them up. 
  4. Finally, please bag your leaves. we are not able to pickup leaves in piles on the side of the road. 

Adams Sanitation Yard Waste Infographic