Adams Sanitation Value Cart - Once-Weekly Trash Pickup in Santa Rosa County

Just $26.50 per month gets you once-weekly service in Santa Rosa County Florida

Don’t need two pickups a week? That’s alright! We can take care of your once weekly trash pickup needs, too! Our once-weekly Adams Sanitation Value Cart service serves smaller families (1-3 people) who just don’t need as much trash picked up! 

Plus, we are less expensive than the competition for once-weekly service. You’ll save about $50 a year on trash pickup when you make the switch to Adams. 

Our Value Cart program allows you to have amazing service from our excellent field crews and customer service representatives but for ⅔ the cost! Value Cart still picks up your bulk trash and yard waste  as well. Additionally, you can add-on recycling, clean cart and bear latches  as well!

This service is currently only available in Santa Rosa County. 

When will you pick up my trash?

Adams Sanitation Value Cart customers can expect to be picked up at the end of the week – either Thursday, Friday or Saturday; depending on where you are in Okaloosa or Santa Rosa County. You can learn more about your pickup days with this map!

Who needs Value Cart service?

Value Cart from Adams Sanitation primarily serves smaller families that just don’t need to throw away as much trash as a larger-sized family. Customers who choose us look to us to provide the same high-quality service we provide to our twice-weekly customers, but without a second pickup in a week. 

What's the difference between Value Cart and Adams Sanitation's twice-weekly service?

The only real differences between Value Cart Service and Adams Sanitation’s Twice-Weekly Trash Service are the price and the number of pickups. Adams Sanitation’s single pickup per week service allows people to right-size their trash service options, without compromising quality – all for less money per month than Big Trash wants you to pay.

For just $26.50 per month, you’ll save about $50 per year in pickup fees compared to Big Trash. Our East Milton-based business only stays in business if we treat you right. Since you’re the customer, not a local government, you can fire us, that means there is a strong motivation for us to treat you right (other than the fact that it’s the right thing to do.)

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Where Does My Trash Go If I Use Adams Sanitation?

All of our trash gets hauled to the Santa Rosa County Landfill in East Milton. The County owns and operates the landfill in Santa Rosa County, which means they charge us dump fees. The County collects hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from us alone in order to maintain the dump in a sanitary and ecologically efficient manner – using the latest best practices available to keep our hometown safe and clean for the next generation. You can learn more about the Santa Rosa County Dump here.

As required by county ordinance, all trash goes to the Santa Rosa County Landfill. It’s a safe and modern facility that ensures no harmful chemicals leak into our water table. 

Recycling (another service we offer!) doesn’t get thrown in the trash, dump, or landfill! more on our recycling service – here! 

Why pick Adams Sanitation's Once-Weekly Trash Service?

We like to think that we are the best service available to the citizens of both Santa Rosa and Okaloosa Counties – and we have the best price possible! Here’s the three best reasons for picking us versus picking Big Trash to pick up your garbage in Santa Rosa County or Okaloosa County.

We're the most cost-effective option

Adams Sanitation’s Value Cart option costs less than the competition. At $26.50 per month, we provide a high-quality competitive service that will leave you happy that you picked us to pick up the trash. While our startup costs are a little bit higher (we charge a $60 delivery fee), you will make that money back in the first year from the roughly $50 you will save over choosing our competition, The Big (Green) Trash Co.

We're local

Chances are, you’ve run into us at the grocery store with our neon green shirts and our ‘we’re trashy’ hats on. Not only that, we’ve got one customer service representative for every 3,750 Adams customers.  We’re not saying that Big Trash has a worse ratio, but call them and then call us. Who has a shorter response time?

We won't leave your cart on the ground

Because we use rear-load trash trucks, we have personnel on the back of the trucks who physically set your cart back (sideways, so you know we’ve been by) in its place and with the lid closed. This means that you won’t get rainwater in your cart and have to tip it over yourself to get it out and  you won’t come home to a knocked-over cart!

How do we provide a competitive service at a lower cost?

That is a great question! We’re able to charge less money for your trash service because the free market is at play! 

Big Trash agreed to pay your local government an annoyance tax to cover the costs of creating an army of County trash nannies to watch them pick up trash. The idea behind it is to make sure that Big Trash is doing the job its supposed to be doing. 

Well, the free market is doing that for us. If we do a bad job, you’ll fire us and go with another company. We pass on the cost-savings of not having to hire a nanny to watch us do our job. 

We’d love to take credit for the idea, but it isn’t ours. It’s the American free market, a simple solution our forefathers came up with when they started this country – and it seems to work decently well. 

Why are we cheaper? Big Trash agreed to pay your local government an annoyance tax to cover the costs of creating an army of nannies to watch them pick up trash