Adams Utility Finder

Welcome to our new Adams Sanitation Utility Finder page! Enter your address below to find out who your electric, water, and trash providers are at your new location. 

Adams Sanitation Truck near the mouth of the blackwater river in Santa Rosa County Florida

Welcome to Santa Rosa County, Florida

Congratulations on moving to Santa Rosa County, Florida. Whether you are moving to Pace, Milton, or settling down in Navarre or Gulf Breeze, Adams Sanitation is happy to have you here! 

Setting up your utilities in Santa Rosa County can be really difficult. That is why we developed the Adams Sanitation Utility Finder. Our goal is to make locating your utilities in Santa Rosa County super easy! The tool asks you for your address and then gives you your power company and water utility in Santa Rosa County. 

We also show you what trash services are available to you. We provide twice-weekly trash pickup service in Santa Rosa County, including Pace, Milton, Jay, Gulf Breeze, Navarre, and Harold, Florida. Our competition offers once-weekly service.

We recognize that we may not be what you want, which is ok! Either way, we want to be helpful and welcome you to the Santa Rosa County area. That means getting your utilities set up quickly and easily!

The Adams Sanitation Utility Finder is especially helpful for planning your Permanent Change of Station (PCS) to NAS Whiting Field, Hurlburt Field, NAS Pensacola or Eglin Air Force Base

Water Utilities in Santa Rosa County

Dealing with finding your water utility in Santa Rosa County is where the utility finder is extremely helpful! Instead of calling a bunch of water utilities that might or might not be open – just plug your address into the utility finder. You will be able to find your water utility provider in Santa Rosa County in a jiffy. 

Water Utilities in Santa Rosa County

Safe to say, there are plenty of Water Utilities in Santa Rosa County, Florida. We will help you cut through the clutter and help you answer the question “what is my water utility?” in Santa Rosa County. 

Power Utilities in Santa Rosa County Fl

There are a grand total of three power utilities in Santa Rosa County, Florida area. Florida Power and Light (FPL) serves most of Santa Rosa County’s residents. But, there are areas of the county where many new homes are finishing construction that FPL, which is formerly known as Gulf Power, does not cover. Instead, Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative (CHELCO) and the Escambia River Electric Cooperative (EREC) service these areas with electricity. Our Utility Finder will help you find out in less than a couple of minutes if you aren’t sure.

Trash Pickup Providers

Finally Trash. Or garbage, refuse, litter, waste, or rubbish. Whatever you call it, you can use two options if you are going to live in Pace, Milton or another place nearby.

Obviously, we’re partial to Adams Sanitation’s twice-weekly pickup 😆. We offer our services to everyone in Pace Milton, FL and are the exclusive service provider for the town of Jay, FL. 

As a local company, we believe that we provide the best service out there. We do the little things, like turn your cart so you know your trash has been picked up, pick up loose garbage, and do the little things right.  

The other company – Waste Pro – offers once-weekly pickup service for their customers. If you create less trash or are a smaller household, they might be an option for you. But, we hope that our superior service, local roots and dependability will encourage you to consider us! 

We hope that the Adams Sanitation Utility Finder makes your move just a little easier! 

South Santa Rosa County

You may have heard that we are in a legal battle to defend your right to choose your trash company in South Santa Rosa County. This area includes Navarre, Midway, Holley, Navarre Beach and unincorporated Gulf Breeze. 

That being said, you can read about the latest developments here.  

We expect to win this lawsuit and give you and your family the best trash pickup service there is. But until we are victorious in the suit, we will not be able to provide you with service.