Twice Weekly trash Pickup for Navarre, Pace, Gulf Breeze and Milton Florida

Get the twice-weekly pickup you need for your family starting at $38.50 per month.

We have offered our premium, twice-weekly trash pickup services since our humble beginnings in the piney woods of Northwest Florida! We empty your trash carts twice weekly, which cuts down on bears, flies, and other critters getting in your trash and emptying it up and down the street. 

Our flagship service also cuts down on the smells of the summer that tend to crop up during the summer months in our hot and humid northwest Florida climate. 

Our drivers and driver helpers (we call them ‘jumpers’) provide us another advantage over the competition – we’ll get the stuff beside your cart, when others won’t. With our premium service, our hard-working employees will pick up to four extra bags of trash you leave next to your cart, no questions asked. In addition, we pick up your bulk items and yard waste as well!  

Twice weekly garbage pickup is great for families who generate a normal amount of trash during the week. More than 17,000 families in Okaloosa County and Santa Rosa County rely on this service right now. 

Currently, we charge $38.50 per month for twice-weekly service. We don’t tack on a fuel surcharge and we guarantee that we will not sneak in any increases to your bill, other than an annual increase to account for inflation at the beginning of each year. 

You can add our bi-weekly recycling service, bear latches for your carts, and our clean cart service as well in order to make trash a (nice-smelling) breeze.

Who needs twice weekly pickup?

Our twice-weekly service is geared towards our customers with families. If you have a couple of kiddos at home, you probably have a couple of garbage-generating giants under your roof. Whether it’s a ton (literally) of dirty diapers, food waste from kids that have decided they no longer like what you’re serving for dinner or teenagers’ old smelly clothes – we take it all. 

Families of four or more would typically benefit from our twice-weekly service. That’s because of the volume of garbage generated as well as the fact that there is always enough in the cart to make it stink inside your garage if left for too long (especially in Florida’s long, hot and humid summers.)

On average, twice-weekly pickup will work for families of between 4-6 people. This will typically cover families with 2-4 children in the home relatively easily, especially if the family adds recycling or an extra cart to their plan. 

Twice-weekly waste hauling services from Adams Sanitation will help to keep the amount of trash in your home down, reduce your interaction with pests as small as flies and as big as bears and keep your home sanitary, despite the rough conditions in Florida which make that so difficult.

However, for larger families with seven or more people in the home, we recommend adding a second cart to their custom-made plan. This extra cart costs $12.50 per month and will service between 7-10 people in a household. Got a real-life Brady Bunch, the next option would be to sign up for a two-yard dumpster at your home for service. No matter how many people live in your home – we are more than ready to accommodate you and your family members!

Typically, families of four or more would benefit from having our twice-weekly signup service. That’s because of the volume of garbage generated as well as the fact that there is always enough in the cart to make it stink inside your garage if left for too long (especially in Florida’s long, hot and humid summers.)

The best missed pickup policy is to never miss a pickup.

Where does my trash go if I use Adams Sanitation?

We take all of the garbage we collect from your home in Santa Rosa County to the Santa Rosa County Landfill in East Milton. The County owns and operates the landfill in Santa Rosa County, which means they charge us dump fees. The County collects hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from us alone in order to maintain the dump in a sanitary and ecologically efficient manner – using the latest best practices available to keep our hometown safe and clean for the next generation. You can learn more about the Santa Rosa County Dump here.

In Okaloosa County, your trash goes to the Okaloosa County Transfer Station and eventually on to a landfill near Marianna, Florida. 


Can I Use Adams Sanitation?

If you live anywhere in Santa Rosa County, Florida (outside the city limits of Gulf Breeze and Milton) you can use Adams Sanitation! We also serve as the exclusive hauler for the town of Jay as well. 

In Okaloosa County, you can sign up in the rural northern portions of the county. 

Not sure if you are in our service area? No problem – use our handy-dandy map to help you find out! 

Why pick Adams Sanitation twice-weekly garbage hauling?

Adams Sanitation is the best trash-hauling option for you and your family. We are big enough to take care of your needs (we are among the 50-largest trash companies in North America), locally based here in Milton, Florida, and able to take care of you and your family for a good value. We believe in ensuring you have the best quality trash service you’ve ever received, bar none – while giving you a good value for your money. We support your local sports teams and clubs and offer free service to local organizations like churches and non-profits as well.

We're the most cost-effective option

Adams Sanitation’s twice-weekly option costs less than the competition per pickup. At $38.50 per month – our twice-weekly option costs a little over $4 per pickup. Compare that to Big Trash’s $6 per pickup. It also helps that we are a premium service that ensures your trash gets picked up. 

We’re local

Chances are, you’ve run into us at the grocery store with our neon green shirts and our ‘we’re trashy’ hats on. Not only that, we’ve got one customer service representative for every 3,750 Adams customers. We’re not saying that Big Trash has a worse ratio, but call them and then call us. Who has a shorter response time?

We won't leave your trash cart in the dirt

Because we use rear-load trash trucks, we have personnel on the back of the trucks who physically set your cart back (sideways, so you know we’ve been by) in its place and with the lid closed. This means that you won’t get rainwater in your cart and have to tip it over yourself to get it out and you won’t come home to a knocked-over cart!

How do we provide a competitive service at a lower cost?

That is a great question! We’re able to charge less money for your trash service because the free market is at play! 

Big Trash agreed to pay your local government an annoyance tax to cover the costs of creating an army of County trash nannies to watch them pick up trash. The idea behind it is to make sure that Big Trash is doing the job its supposed to be doing. 

Well, the free market is doing that for us. If we do a bad job, you’ll fire us and go with another company. We pass on the cost-savings of not having to hire a nanny to watch us do our job. 

We’d love to take credit for the idea, but it isn’t ours. It’s the American free market, a simple solution our forefathers came up with when they started this country – and it seems to work decently well.