Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The Fine Print

This page includes important information about our residential and commercial trash collection terms and conditions. Questions? Please ask! We’re available during office hours at 850-537-3282 or use our Contact Us Form.

Residential Terms and Conditions

This form includes important information about our residential trash collection, pricing and payment policies. Questions? Please ask! We’re available during office hours at 850-537-3282, or via email at Info@AdamsSanitation.com. 

  1. Delivery Fee and Account Setup Fee: This $65 fee helps us offset the cost of setting up your account, acquiring and delivery of your trash cart(s) and the cost of collecting that cart when your customer relationship ends (though we hope that doesn’t happen any time soon!). This is a non-refundable fee unless you end service within the first 60 days because of our failure to provide the agreed upon service after being given notice of our failure and an opportunity to correct the issue.
  2. Email Billing: We provide billing statements through email only to reduce the use of resources and to help us keep our price as low as possible. If email billing is not an option for you, we can still set you up for automatic payments but we will not be able to provide you with a monthly hard-copy statement.
  3. Electronic Payment: Recurring credit card or ACH payment is requested. Again, automatic payment allows us to keep prices low and focus on great service instead of manually keying payments. If you utilize a Bank Pay system, be aware that your bank still generates a hard copy check that is mailed to our office. Banks utilize a third-party for this system and group checks into batches to save on postage expenses. As a result, payment is often delayed in reaching our office. Plan ahead if you intend to use a Bank Pay service as we are not able to remove late fees for delayed payments.
  4. Credit Card Payment: Payments made with a credit card will result in an additional charge of 3% of the bill amount to help us offset the cost of accepting credit card payments. In actual practice, credit card payments will not be entitled to the 3% automatic discount that we provide for payment with a check, debit card or ACH auto-draft and will result in an additional fee of 3% above our standard rates which already include the discount for payments other than by credit card.
  1. Service Term and Auto-Renewal: By checking the box below or by accepting residential trash service from Adams Sanitation, you agree to a 1-year term of service. This term of service will automatically renew annually unless you give us notice prior to the renewal date that you do not wish to renew service.
  2. Ending Service: Service may be cancelled prior to the end of your service term if you are moving. Service may also be cancelled prior to the end of the current service term if our service has failed to meet your expectations AND you have given us notice of our failure and an opportunity to make the issue right. But because we pride ourselves on our customer service, we aren’t too worried about that! If you are cancelling for any reason other than a service failure on our part (after giving us a chance to fix it) we are not able to provide a proration for your final month of service if you end mid-month.
  3. Price Increases: We will do everything we can to keep your price low and the value high, however, we will have to adjust pricing from time to time to keep up with increasing fuel and labor costs and the County’s annual increase in disposal rates. We will notify you of any pending increases in cost in advance and provide you the option to end your service early without penalty should you choose to do so because of a necessary rate increase. Absent extraordinary circumstances, rate increases will occur once a year, with our January bills.
  4. Holidays: For most federal holidays, the landfill and transfer stations that we take your trash to close. As a result, depending on your collection schedule, there may be up to four weeks each year where you receive trash service once in a week, rather than our regular twice-weekly schedule (Value Cart customers will always receive 1 pick-up every week, though the collection day may change on Holiday weeks). We pay our crews holiday leave and must also pay overtime to catch up with the additional trash volume after the holidays. Accordingly, we are not able to offer a rebate or credit for holiday schedule adjustments. We will notify you well in advance of any holiday schedule changes and will attempt to spread the inconvenience of holidays as fairly as possible.
  5. Missed Pick-ups: We pride ourselves on great service but our people are, well, people to! Sometimes we make mistakes. If we miss your pick-up, please report by using the conveniently placed Missed Pick-up button on our website. This is the easiest and fastest way to notify our operations team of the issue. Our team will pull the video from your collection day stop and attempt to confirm how or why we missed the pick-up so we can make sure it does not happen again. For any missed pick-up that was the fault of our crews, we will provide you with a bill credit.
  6. Recycling: Our optional recycling service is bi-weekly, meaning it runs every other week. We provide you with a 96-gallon rolling container with yellow-lid for recyclables. We are required to ensure that recyclables are not contaminated by the recycling facility that receives the material. If you elect recycling, please review the list of recyclable materials. When in doubt, it is better to discard the material rather than put it in the recycling container. We reserve the right to cancel recycling service for any customer who repeatedly puts trash or other contaminants in the recycling container.
  7. Hazardous Materials: There are certain hazardous materials that are prohibited by the landfill or are a risk to our trucks and crews, including: propane tanks and bottles, gasoline cans, liquid paints or chemicals, fertilizer, ammunition and tires. If found in your trash, these items will be returned to the curbside. We reserve the right to cancel service to any customer who repeatedly places hazardous materials in their trash cart for collection.
  8. Rapid Cart Guarantee: For customers in our Rapid Cart Delivery Zone (see website for current zone map), Adams guarantees to have your new carts to you within two business-days of signing up for service. For example, if you sign-up on Monday evening, we guarantee to deliver your carts by the end of the day on Wednesday and if you sign up on Friday, we will have your cart to you by the end of the day on Tuesday. If we fail to meet this promise, we will credit your first month of service with Adams.
  9. Clean Cart: Customers who opt-in to our clean cart program will be billed as a part of their regular monthly bill. Once a quarter, Adams Sanitation will swap your trash cart with a freshly washed and sanitized cart direct from Adams HQ. Customers who opt to end trash service or discontinue the clean cart service will not receive a refund for previously paid amounts.
  10. Trash Outside the Cart: We pride ourselves on providing premium service to our customers. Accordingly, we will pick-up up to four extra items (such as tied bags of trash or small bulk items weighing 50lbs or less and safely manageable by a single crew member) placed beside your cart on an occasional basis. Customers who consistently have overflow household trash will be asked to obtain a second Adams cart. Adams will also collect yard waste and larger bulk items meeting our current rules for collection. For a complete explanation of our bulk and yard waste policies, please visit our website. For collections not meeting our rules we offer special pick-ups at a reasonable price. Visit our website for additional information.

Commercial Dumpsters

  • All dumpster sites must be approved prior to the setting of the container.
  • No large appliances or furniture.
  • No dirt or concrete.
  • No construction debris.
  • Do not place hot ashes or coals into the container.
  • Do not place hazardous waste such as paint, chemicals, and pesticides in your container.
  • Do not dispose of waste containing free liquids
  • No Freon units such as air conditioners, or refrigerators, propane tanks.
  • No Tires. Tires found will be billed at $35.00 per tire.
  • The container must be placed on a solid surface.
  • Containers must be accessible on pickup day, or a return trip charge will be added.
  • You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from any and all damages, costs, attorney’s fees, and /or liability of any kind resulting from the use of the container. You assume liability for damages to public or private property, hard service roads, or driveways that might occur during the loading or unloading of the container. You agree to pay us for any damage to said container due to fire, theft, or careless destruction beyond normal use.

General Notes for All Customers

Holiday Pickup

Adams Sanitation will not pick up on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Missed Pickup

If your trash is not picked up on your regular collection day, and the container was placed out by 6 am, report it on our Missed Pick Up Form  or notify us by phone at (850)-537-3282 by 4:00 pm the next business day. Leave your cart out as our trucks will occasionally run late because of weather or vehicle issues.

Payment Terms

All accounts will be paid through auto-pay on the 1st of each month with the payment method on file unless otherwise notified. A late fee of $6.50 will be applied to unpaid accounts on the 5th of the month. suspension of service will take place if payment is not made by the 10th of the month. We will add a $12.50 suspension fee and halt service until payment is made. Accounts not paid by the 25th of the month will receive an additional cancellation fee of $12.50.