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Dear Santa Rosa County Commissioner

As a resident of Santa Rosa County, I wanted to thank you for ending the improper exclusive franchise agreement in South Santa Rosa County. I know it wasn't an easy decision - but it was the right one. Your decision to overturn the improperly-awarded franchise showed you are a man of humility and integrity who wants to do the right thing for our community.

Thank you.

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Dear Customers,

On September 22nd, the Santa Rosa County Commission voted 3-2 in favor of our request for a permit to offer waste services in the southern part of Santa Rosa County.

Please consider sending them a message of support for defending your rights to pick your trash company in the entire county. 

We have a pre-written template you can use to send them (it takes just five seconds to type your name) or you can write your own! 

Thank you for your continued support for freedom in Santa Rosa County Florida.