Last Semester's Adams Sanitation Student of the Semester Winners!

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Student of the Semester • Fall 2022

Name of Student: Christopher Stone

Student’s School: Navarre High School – Locklin Tech

Student’s Donation: Khristopher asked his donation go toward the NHS Cross Country Team, the Junior Board and toward upgrades for two English Teachers’ classrooms

Student’s Bio:

Kristopher has maintained a GPA of at least 3.7 his high school career. He has taken many honors classes and loves his science and math classes. This year, he started the electrical program at Locklin Tech. His goal is to finish it after high school and find an apprenticeship before opening his own electrical business. Kristopher has done all of this while being a part of ROTC for the last three years and working full time at McDonald’s for the last year. Kristopher worked hard to buy himself his own car (owned outright and titles in his name). He works hard so that he can play hard!

Student of the Semester • Spring 2022

Name of Student: Caitlin Staudt

Student’s School: Navarre High School

Student’s Donation: Caitlin asked for her donation to go toward Navarre High School’s Experimental Science Program. 

Student’s Bio:

Our Large School’s Student of the Month for April 2022 is Caitlin Staudt of Navarre High School. Caitlin absolutely deserves a significant amount of recognition. Along with being a stellar athlete and scholar – Caitlin is involved in numerous extracurricular activities – and even has a part time job! 

She is the 2022 Santa Rosa County Sunshine State Scholar, an AP Scholar, has earned the Girl Scout Silver Award (the highest award in Girl Scouts), And has placed in multiple STEM-related olympiads. 

On the sports field – Staudt has earned her place as a member of the Varsity Soccer, Cross Country and Track teams. She has captained the Soccer team for the last three years as well. 

In February, Caitlin started the 26 Acts of Kindness at three elementary schools and hosted a kindness carnival for participating students. 

Finally, Caitlin leads her chapter of the National Honor Society in beautifying the school’s memorial garden. 

“The most important lesson my high school career has taught me is that serving my community is the best way to spend my time,” she said. 

About Adams Sanitation Student of the Semester

Adams Sanitation is proud to announce our Adams Student of the Semester contest for the schools in our service areas. 

These Schools In Adams Sanitation’s Service Area Are

• Pace High School

• Milton High School

• Navarre High School

• Gulf Breeze High School

• Jay High School

• Central High School

• The Laurel Hill School

• the Baker School

• Crestview High School

• LEAD Academy

•Locklin Tech

Students can be nominated by their principals, guidance counselors or the general public for their achievements in the classroom surrounding CTE and STEM. The award, which is voted on by the public will also take into account the students other extracurricular activities. 

Submitting An Adams Student of the Month Nomination Form

To Submit a Nomination Package – go to our Nomination page. We want to make sure that we are highlighting the best and brightest in our community! 

Deadline to nomination someone for student of the month is March 31st


What Happens Next?

Once a submission has been made – we determine the representative from each school (if there is more than one). Candidates who have been nominated, but not selected will be held for another semester.

After this selection, Adams Sanitation will create an online poll for the public to vote on the winner of the semester’s award. Schools are more than welcome to rally students together to vote for their classmates! 

The votes are tallied and the next student of the semester is announced.

We will send certificates of nomination and certificate of Student of the Semester to the relevant schools so that the students can add the achievement to their college or career resumes. 

Finally, students from the large and small school categories who win will be asked – through their nominator – which school organization they would like to support with their $2,000 prize money.

Adams Sanitation will then make the donation to that organization on behalf of the student.