Santa Rosa County Waste Service Petition

Santa Rosa County Petition Email Drive

Dear Customers,

On September 9th, the Santa Rosa County Commission will be voting on our request for a permit to offer waste services in the southern part of the county. Please help us by using the form below to send an email to the county commissioners to grant us our permit so that we can provide service to more residents of Santa Rosa County. 

Thank you for your support!

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Santa Rosa County Commissioner Petition to Issue Permit to Adams Sanitation

Dear Santa Rosa County Commissioner

Thank you very much for stepping up and serving our community as a problem-solving commissioner for Santa Rosa County. I noticed that the commission will be holding a hearing on September 9th to determine whether or not to allow Adams Sanitation a permit to operate in the southern portion of the county.
I know that you also voted to do the right thing and end the monopoly on trash pickup and give people a choice back in November. I hope that you will do the same for me and everyone else here in the southern part of the county as well.
Thank you again for fighting for us and doing your part to end ‘business as usual’ at the county.

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