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Adams RapidCart Man - The Superhero We Didn't Know We Needed

Faster than a sprinting garbage worker; less smelly than a heap of trash bags on the side of the road. It’s the suburban superhero: Rapidcart Delivery Man! 

Adams Sanitation’s lickety-split cart delivery crews’ll get your cart to your house in less than two business days. If we don’t, we’ll give you a free month of trash service!

Straight up: we will take a hit for being late if we don’t get you a trash (and recycling) cart to your house within two business days, if you live in our Rapidcart Delivery Zone. 

‘What’s a Rapidcart Delivery Zone?’, you might ask. Great question! Our zone stretches long and wide from Pensacola Bay and Eglin Air Force Base in the south to County Road 182 in the north. We created a handy-dandy map to make it easier for visual people (like us!) to understand. The map is below.

It’s way faster than anything the competition can do! And, it’s from a woman-owned, small business based right here in Milton, Florida! 

We would love to be your garbage hauling company in Pace Fl and Milton Fl. Therefore, we’re willing to go the extra mile to do it! 

Sign up today – right here! Or you can call the office, and one of our excellent customer service team members will get you signed up immediately!

RapidCart Man
The superhero we didn't know we needed, RapidCart Man. Rapid deliverer of trash carts, hilarious wearer of bedsheets and defender of the free market. RapidCart Man fights for Truth, Justice, The American Way and getting you a trash cart quickly!

Adams Sanitation RapidCart Delivery Map


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Adams Sanitation RapidCart Terms of Service

Adams Sanitation’s RapidCart guarantee is only available within our RapidCart Delivery Zone. For Customers within our RapidCart Delivery Zone, we guarantee that we will deliver your new Adams Sanitation trash and recycling cart(s) within two business days of your signing up for service. 

However, In the extremely unlikely event that we don’t meet this obligation to you – we will give you a month of service absolutely free – no exceptions!

For example, if you sign-up for service on Wednesday you are guaranteed to receive your cart(s) by the close of business on Friday. If you sign-up for service on Friday, you are guaranteed to receive your cart before the close of business on the following Tuesday.

For customers who live outside our RapidCart Delivery Zone, we will strive to deliver your cart(s) in 5 business days or less.

If you live in our RapidCart Delivery Zone and fail to receive your cart as promised, just call or email our friendly customer service team for your account credit.

For full terms and conditions of service from Adams Sanitaiton, click the button below!

More Questions

Do you have more questions about our Adams Sanitation Service? That’s an easy fix – we have a long list of easily-searchable FAQs right here! 

Still not getting your question answered? That’s not a problem, either! Our live customer service representatives who live right here in Milton and Pace can answer your questions quickly and easily. Just give us a call at 850.537.3282. 

We look forward to serving your home with quick and easy twice-weekly residential trash service!