What are my Adams Sanitation trash pickup days?

Have you ever caught yourself forgetting when your Adams Sanitation pickup days are? Are you new to the area or did you move to another house recently?

 No worries, we’ve got you! We have developed this handy-dandy calendar to keep you apprised of the days of the week you have trash pickup! 

You can find, without a bunch of technical terms, when Adams Sanitation will pick up your trash for you on your once or twice-weekly schedule.

In addition – you can find out when your recycling days are, in case you’ve forgotten. 

What Adams Sanitation Service Area Am I In

Not sure whether or not you are in our service area – or what days you would be picked up if you were in our service area? 

we have a map for that! 

Check our our insanely useful area-based trash pickup days map. It should clear up any and all confusion that you might have regarding our pickup days for your area, recycling days for your area, and more! 

Tip: Use the icon in the top left of the map box to toggle the map to show your trash and recycling days!