Okaloosa Residential Trash Pickup Service


Garbage Pickup Near You in Baker, Crestview and Laurel Hill

Picking up the Garbage: From Your Can to the Landfill

Twice-weekly Okaloosa residential trash service is awesome. Our friendly, courteous, and professional employees are even better!

The Okaloosa trash service team at Adams Sanitation team ensures your garbage can will be empty twice per week.  Our team keeps our community clean (and smelling nice, especially in the summer). 

Picking up trash in Okaloosa County is not just a job for us. Adams Sanitation is a local trash company that has been in business here since the 1980s. We care about the way our home looks and it shows in our high quality of service. 

Our team provides Okaloosa County residential trash pickup customers with a 95-gallon trash cart. 

Check out our Terms and Conditions for more information. 

Okaloosa County Recycling

One of the best things we can do for the earth is recycle in Okaloosa County.  Adams Recycling program is here to help you make that happen!

‘Your recyclables end up at the ECUA facility in Cantonment, Florida. The items are sorted and sold out at the recycling facility and reused around the country for new products. 

Make a difference with our recycling program today! It’s an affordable recycling service, too. For $9.50 per month, and $8.50 if your HOA is a part of our HOA preferred provider program, you can get bi-weekly recycling for your home. 

Our Okaloosa County Recycling Schedule is right here! If you live in Baker or Holt, this is your recycling schedule.

If you live in the eastern portion of Okaloosa County, this is your recycling schedule! 

Should you decide to join our Santa Rosa Recycling service, we will provide you with a yellow-topped recycling cart! 

Sign up here today! 

Check out our terms and conditions for more information

Okaloosa County Yard Waste Pickup

When are Adams Sanitation Yard Waste Days in Santa Rosa County? 

With Adams Sanitation, they are whenever you need them to be! 

Put leaves, twigs, grass clippings and sticks in your 95-gallon trash can or bag them and place them by the can and we’ll make them disappear. 

Check out our Yard Waste guidelines for more info.

We will take away limbs no larger than 6 inches in diameter and 4 feet long. To give you an idea, that is about as wide as a dollar bill and as tall as your Adams Sanitation Trash Cart. 

Bundles of limbs set in or by the trash can should be no more than 3 feet in total diameter.

Customers can put out up to 10 bags of yard waste and one bundle of yard waste per month 

Common Questions About Adams Sanitation's Okaloosa Trash Service

Adams’ Okaloosa trash service provides pro waste hauling for residential trash and recycling to the residents of Santa Rosa County, Florida. This includes the communities of

  • Baker
  • Blackman
  • Campton
  • Rural Crestview
  • Deerland
  • Dorcas
  • Escambia Farms
  • Holt
  • Milligan
  • Poverty Creek
  • Svea
  • Unincorporated Laurel Hill

Adams Sanitation bills are due on the first of every month. We send out the invoice for the upcoming month on the 15th of the month prior. For example, we send out the bill for March’s trash hauling service on February 15th. The bill is due March 1st.

Bills are late on the 6th of the month. In the same scenario – your account would have an additional late fee on March 6th.
Bills not paid by the 10th of the month have an additional fee. The customer account is suspended as well.

If the bill is not paid by the 25th, we cancel service.

On-line! Just follow the pay bill link and be sure to have your 12 digit customer ID. You can find your customer ID on your billing email from trashbilling.

While you are there, sign-up for monthly autopay from your checking account and e-mail billing. Both are free! 

Visit our Pay My Bill page for more information.

Adams Sanitation observes the following holidays:

•  New Year’s Day
•  Memorial Day
•  Independence Day
•  Labor Day
•  Thanksgiving Day
•  Christmas Day

We will provide more information as the holiday approaches as to how we will conduct trash pick up that week. 

Do you consistently have more trash than one trash cart can hold?

Use our Contact Us Form to request a second can for $12 per month.

Bears are a common sight in Santa Rosa County. Adams Sanitation can help keep them out of your trash with our bear locks! The locks help deter hungry bears from messing with your trash for just an extra $4.50 per month – repairs and replacements are included!

This option is available on the online signup form for new customers. Existing customers, please use our Contact Us Form to request a bear lock. You can also check out our tips on dealing with bears in your trash at this link. 

Pickup Days for Adams Sanitation Okaloosa County

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