This Semester's Nominees

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A list of nominees will be released on April 1st. 

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Emma Grace Lieser

Pace High School • Senior • GPA 4.744 • Physics Honors Chemistry Honors Trig College Algebra DIT

Emma Grace is an exceptional young lady. She is active in her high school and community. She has been a member of SGA for 3 years and serves on the executive board this year. Emma Grace has also played golf for PHS for 3 years. She is dual enrolled at Pensacola State College, and takes honors classes. Emma Grace has excelled in school, maintaining a 4.744 GPA. Did I mention she is graduating from high school a year early? Emma Grace will be attending Mississippi State University in the fall. She has been accepted into the architecture program there as well.

Matthew Simmons

Milton High School • Junior • GPA 4.3 • Aerospace

Matthew is a student/athlete who has a dream and passion to further his education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. He intends to major in aerospace engineering and then eventually joining the navy to be come a pilot. He is hard working and goal driven student/athlete.

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Gabryel Martin

Junior •Pace High School • GPA 4.212 • Forensics; Marine Science; DIT; Honors Biology; Int College Algebra (DE); Marching & Concert Band with Competition (3rd Yr);

“Gabby” has always been a hardworking diligent student since primary school and loves to learn! She has taken Honors classes since middle school and currently is enrolled at PSC taking two DE courses while attending high school as a Junior! She has a grueling, stressful marching season (clarinetist) in the Fall to include many weeknights late hour practices, Fri night games, and Sat competitions with travel in Oct/Nov all while maintaining her high GPA! She has always had a passion for helping others, almost to a fault when she neglects care for herself, and has studied numerous books in Psychology due to her own interest. Her goal is to help others in either Behavioral Science or perhaps Forensics Analysis. She is fascinated with how the brain works! Either way, she is certain she will be studying Psychology & Behaviors in one form or another with intent to help and serve others, whether it be adults, teens, or children. She is a confidante mentor for many at school, also enjoys time with the elderly, is inquisitive about nature, and has a sincere genuine heart for all. She sees no difference in humanity and treats all people with love. She herself has battled medical conditions since age 4 with her kidneys/ bladder and continues to do so, but refuses to let it hinder her from participating in marching band although special accommodations have to be put into place with responsibility on her behalf. She perseveres. She is gifted with many talents such as writing books, illustrating, drawing, and playing music. She thinks out of the box and dances to the beat of her own drum. The sky is the limit for her potential in all she chooses and any amount gifted will be most helpful assisting her to strive for her goals! Gabby is always giving and putting others first with love. It is her time to be in the spotlight of recognition for being amazing her and receive such an award to help her dreams come true in the near future in Behavioral Science!! She certainly is most deserving of recognition and doesn’t even know it!

Noah Swanson

Junior • Pace High School • GPA 4.0 • His own mechanic, racing dirt bikes. Is putting in hard work in-and-out of school.

This kid is killing! He's very smart and has good morals and work ethic. He's putting in so much work. He's so humble. He 16 and rebuild his own engines. Sets up his own suspensions. Is helping so many others along the way. Well mannered and respectful. He's firing on all cylinders and motivated about life. He's not a 100% which direction hes going yet but he is going places for sure. If this kid had an opportunity to be highlighted and rewarded it would definitely go to good use. He has nothing but positive energy and grit.

Caleb Locklin

Central School • Senior • GPA 4.161 • Personal Fitness Trainer (NASM Personal Fitness Trainer Certification - current Pre-Calculus Honors - current Algebra 2 - previous Chemistry 1 - previous Dual Enrollment Biology - previous

Caleb has been accepted to Troy University where he will major in Exercise Science with the goal of becoming a physical therapist. He is currently taking a class at Central in Personal Fitness Training which will certify him to be a personal trainer once he graduates. Caleb is actively involved at school. He is the Class of 2023 President, Chaplin of the FFA, he ran cross country, was on the basketball team, and is on the track team. He was captain of the cross country team and broke the school record for the 5k. His relay team also broke the school record in the 4x800 track event last year. This year, Caleb is the distance captain for track and is expected to break the 1 mile and 2 mile record. Outside of school, Caleb works part-time at Nims Garden in Milton and is actively involved with his youth group at Living Truth Church in Pace where he serves on the Student Leadership Team.

Daniel 'Colt' Weekley

Milton High School • Junior • GPA 3.352 • Electrician Dual-Enrollment Program at Locklin Technical Institute

Lane Prindle

Navarre High School • Senior • 3.9 • HVAC program at locklin,and he is also signed to serve in the army national guard when he graduates,he goes to drills one weekend a month now!
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Mackenzie Murphy

Milton High School • Senior • GPA 3.34 • Nursing