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Brianna Warren

Navarre High School Senior • Private Pilot License Ground School • Dual Enrolled at PSC. Working towards professional pilot's technology degree
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Kristopher Stone

Navarre High School Senior • Electrical Program at Locklin Tech

Kristopher has maintained a GPA of at least 3.7 his high school career. He has taken many honors classes and loves his science and math classes. This year, he started the electrical program at Locklin Tech. His goal is to finish it after high school and find an apprenticeship before opening his own electrical business. Kristopher has done all of this while being a part of ROTC for the last three years and working full time at McDonald’s for the last year. Kristopher worked hard to buy himself his own car (owned outright and titles in his name). He works hard so that he can play hard!

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Gabriella Jenkins

Cerstview High School Junior • Engineering 1 Engineering 2 FIRST Robotics program 9th - 11th grades

Gabby has come a long way since the first time I had her in my middle school STEM class. In middle school, I saw a quiet person who was not sure of her abilities and not very vocal with her ideas and her opinions. She didn’t use her voice to express ideas when it came to engineering projects. I then moved to the high school to teach engineering and robotics and Gabby again was present in my classes. This Gabby was different from the middle school Gabby. Gabby was more confident in what she was doing and vocal in her ideas. She shares her ideas with the robotics team and leads the build team for our FIRST robotics FTC teams. Gabby works hard to complete assignments and stays focused on assigned tasks. She is an asset to the classroom, the robotics team as swell as the community. When Gabby is ready to enter the workforce, she will make an immediate impact in her chosen CTE related occupation.

Carly Goodman

Milton High School Junior • Biology Honors, Chemistry Honors, Anatomy honors, Calculus AB (AP), Calculus BC (AP), Pre Calculus Honors, Geometry Honors, Algebra 1 honors and Algebra 2 Honors.

This student is a friend of my son. I have been impressed as she continually strives to take the tough science and math classes as well as participate in band, sports and extra curricular clubs and activities. Her GPA shows how dedicated she is to achieving her goals and how she doesn’t let outside forces get in the way of achieving the best she can. She is a very impressive young lady with a bright future ahead of her. She is very deserving of student of the semester.

Lanha Hutto

Cerstview High School Senior • Engineering 1 Engineering 2 FIRST Robotics program 9th - 11th grades

Lahna is the definition of success. She is a star student and an outstanding human being. Sometimes you just have a student that makes you realize why you love teaching; this is Lahna. She is always ready to learn, reaching out for new opportunities to make a difference in her community, and is just an outstanding person. It is a privilege to recommend Lahna, for this award.