Help Us Pick Whom to Throw In Jail For Waste Pro!

In Waste Pro’s latest legal action against us, they suggested to the judge that one of the “officers of the company” be thrown into jail in order to bring us to heel. 

All because we wanted to take some of our neighbors’ trash to the landfill for free. 

Well, they left it pretty open-ended as to whom we should offer up. Naturally, we thought we would do something Waste Pro would never do – let the people decide! 

So, here are the rules:

1. it has to be an officer of the company. 

2. See the pitch from our management team members as to why it shouldn’t be them. 

Loser will be our nominee for Adams Sanitation jailbird. 

Don’t forget to make your vote at the bottom of the page! 

Time to pick!

So, who should go to jail for Adams Sanitation if Waste Pro’s lawyers get their way? 

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