Navarre Trash Pickup and Gulf Breeze Trash Pickup

The people spoke, the commissioners voted, and Adams Sanitation will return to South Santa Rosa County on October 5th!


Starting September 22nd anyone in unincorporated (sorry, Gulf Breeze proper) South Santa Rosa County can sign up to start service, which will start for new sign-ups on November 2nd. 


Customers who already have Adams Sanitation trash carts will see their service start in less than two weeks, on October 5th. 


Adams Sanitation will offer service to all residential customers – from the Okaloosa County Line in the East to the Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve in the west. Essentially, anyone in Santa Rosa County who lives outside of the cities of Gulf Breeze proper and Milton has the option to choose twice-weekly service for their homes.


man holding a trophy
We did it! Now we can serve y'all with twice weekly trash service in South Santa Rosa County

Why Sign up for Twice Weekly Trash Service in South Santa Rosa County with Adams Sanitation?

Signing up for Adams Sanitation is perfect for the families of Gulf Breeze and Navarre for trash hauling needs. 

Adams Sanitation made its name on providing twice-weekly trash service. Plus, we don’t mind getting extra trash on the side or even small bulky items on the same day we pick up your trash. Those services, which would cost you extra or just get left behind with the other guys get taken care of right away!

If you ever have to call – you’ll get a real live person on the other end of the phone. More than 98% of our calls get answered right away by someone who lives in Santa Rosa County, Florida! 

There is a good chance you bump into the girl (4 out of 10 of our drivers are women in an industry where the number is usually closer to 1%) or guy that drives your route’s trash truck. There’s also a good chance you’ll bump into our owner (one of the only women who owns a trash company in the country). After all, she lives right up the road from Navarre and Gulf Breeze in Okaloosa County and loves to head down to the beach!

The boss don't play when it comes to taking out the trash.

Extra (Important) Services

Woman Standing in Front of a Trash Truck
Gina is just one of our amazing drivers at Adams Sanitation who makes sure the trash is picked up every day!

For additional costs, we offer recycling, 🐻 bear latches to keep Yogi and Boo Boo out of your cart, a clean cart every quarter and more!


If you want to start service with us as soon as possible (November 2nd), please sign up today! – Demand is high so ensure you have a spot now!


Want to sign up for our twice-weekly service in South Santa Rosa County? Click the button below!

Service Updates for Customers in South Santa Rosa County

A couple of items we want you to know about before service starts. If these changes aren’t agreeable to you – we totally understand! Please send an email to with the subject line “SSR: I’d like to cancel service,” and we will refund you all of your money!

  • We are honoring your ½ month credit you had with us before this court’s order to stop service was implemented.  
  • Our monthly service costs will be $36 per month for a single trash cart. This is less than $10 more than our competition, for twice the service. Additional carts will be $12 per month, Unfortunately, many economic factors have come together to force us to raise our prices.
  • Bear latches will cost a total of $4.00 per month. This cost covers any maintenance that may need to be done. 
  • Recycling will cost a total of $8.50 per month and will run our ‘B’ schedule, which includes Milton, Baker and Holt. Your first recycling day will be October 5th
  • We plan on billing you for the month of October on September 30th. This bill will be due on November 1st, 2022. 
  • After that first bill – you can expect your bill to appear in your inbox on the 15th of each month going forward. 

Thank you again for your continued support. We can’t wait to serve y’all in South Santa Rosa County!


Adams Sanitation South Santa Rosa County Pickup Schedule

When does my trash get picked up in South Santa Rosa County? When does my trash get picked up in Navarre? When does my trash get picked up in Gulf Breeze? 

They may not be existential questions, but they are important ones! Here is the Adams Sanitaiton Pickup Map for your area!

Tip: use the toggle button in the upper left hand corner of the map to see what other services we offer, what days our service runs, and more useful information about our trash service!