Adams Sanitation Clean Cart

trash carts in a field

What is Adams Sanitation Clean Cart?

Sick and tired of smelling a nasty trash can when you pull into your garage?


Annoyed with that little piece of paper that sticks to the bottom of your cart because of that juice or jelly or nasty unknown goopy stuff that lives in there?


We get it – we’re a trash company! 


That’s why we developed and launched the Clean Cart program – only from Adams Sanitation! This unique program will take one of the most annoying parts about living in our hot and humid climate out of the equation by eliminating those nasty garbage smells. 


Pace Fl and Milton Fl residents will love their Clean Cart service as much as we love living in this area. 


Clean Cart gets you a freshly cleaned and sanitized  Adams Sanitation cart, free of smells and goop, once every three months – for just $5 a month! 


Now you can have your trash cart inside your garage – without the smell of rotting fruit veggies and whatever was in that casserole that you mother-in-law dumped on you when she visited this past weekend.


Cart Technician Bret hoses down cart with a power washer. Carts are cleaned and then returned to service.

Getting Pace and Milton a Clean Cart for Trash

Here’s how this all works: on your pickup day, once every three months, our special forces trash team will come by your home after your old cart is dumped. They will pick up your old cart – and leave you with a new one. 


We’ll make sure that your trash cart is out for replacement by sending you a text and email notification the day before. That way, you wont miss your swap day. 


It really is that simple. You can be done with those nasty aromas simply by switching to Clean Cart! 


Sign up today by filling out the form below – and we will get you a new cart as soon as possible! 

Clean Cart service starts on October First – so sign up today to make sure you are one of the first to get a new clean cart!

A live look at you when you get a notification from us that a new, clean cart is on it's way to you!