Adams Sanitation Offers Free Bear Latches to Navarre and Gulf Breeze Trash Customers

Bears in Santa Rosa County, Gulf Breeze and Navarre Florida

Florida Fish and Wildlife says they get about two calls every day about bears in Santa Rosa County. 

Due to the number of human-bear interactions we’ve seen in South Santa Rosa County over the last couple of years, Adams Sanitation has added bear latches to every cart in South Santa Rosa County, free of charge. 


We believe this will keep our neighborhoods cleaner too – as Yogi and Boo-Boo will no longer have an opportunity to scatter last week’s leftovers across your lawn. It’ll keep the bears safe, too! 


As always, please be bear-aware. Keep your carts latched when leave them at the curb for pickup. Our crews will unlatch and empty them. 


An article by a local news outlet revealed Adams Sanitation’s competitor does not have bear-resistant carts available to its santa rosa county customers. Those who are lucky enough to have them have paid an additional $80 per year for the specialized carts.