ECUA Shuts Down Recycling Facility to Look For Staff

What Happened: 

ECUA notified Adams Sanitation and all other trash haulers that they would shut down their recycling facility in Cantonment while they look for and train workers to sort recyclables. They say that high staff turnover has caused this interruption in service, and they expect the process of finding, hiring, and training replacements to take about a month. 

What does this mean for your recyclables: 

For the next month, your recyclables are going into the landfill – and there isn’t anything Adams can do to change the situation. Unfortunately, the nearest recycling centers are in Mobile or Montgomery. The result is that your recyclables will end up in the landfill for the next month while ECUA, a government agency, figures out its staffing problem. 

What is Adams Going to do about it:

 In the meantime, you can put out your recycling cart – filled with recyclables or trash – on your regular trash day. We will take that material to the landfill along with regular trash. We are providing this alternative because many recycling customers will otherwise have overflowing trash carts. Alternatively, If you wish to halt the use of your recycling cart entirely until ECUA reopens its recycling facilities, please send us a note at – and we will pause your recycling and remove the charge for the recycling cart from future bills until we get word from ECUA that their facilities are back open.