Judge Overturns Injunction - Adams Free to Service Navarre and Gulf Breeze

BIG NEWS! Okay, big for us! We can officially bring twice weekly trash service back to South Santa Rosa County and compete on the open market. Hours ago, Judge Dickey overturned an emergency injunction sought by Waste Pro that had temporarily paused the permit awarded to Adams by the Santa Rosa County Commission. More importantly, Judge Dickey made her ruling “with prejudice” resolving the matter permanently.

“This is a win for the people of Santa Rosa County,” said Legal and Business Development Manager Nathan Boyles, “cynical people would say that justice is what you get when one party runs out of money. But, the people of Santa Rosa County have backed us, the elected officials of Santa Rosa County have done the right thing – and now the courts have supported the right to good government and the American free market in Navarre and Gulf Breeze.”

With the lifting of the injunction, Navarre and Gulf Breeze Residents  (and all residents in unincorporated Santa Rosa County) have the choice to pick their trash provider – either Waste Pro’s economy once-weekly pickup or premium, twice-weekly service with Adams Sanitation.

South Santa Rosa County Citizens to the east of the Naval Live Oaks Nature Preserve can sign up for service now. Because of Waste Pro’s last-ditch attempt to stop the will of the people of Santa Rosa County, a delay in receiving our new carts has occurred and the first pickup day for those customers signing up after Noon today will take place Saturday, December 3rd.

“We want to thank the 523 families in Navarre and Gulf Breeze who’ve stuck with us throughout Waste Pro’s chicanery with their God-given rights,” said Chief Impact Officer Christopher Saul, “We pride ourselves on our high quality of service. Providing it for free to those citizens in October while we waited for the injunction to be dissolved was the right thing to do. We could not have provided it without the support of our North Santa Rosa and Okaloosa Customers who’ve made all of this possible.”