Big News! Our Hearing To Service South Santa Rosa County Trash Takes Place September 22nd

Santa Rosa County Board of Commissioners
Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners - 2022

On September 8th, Commissioner Dave Piech and the rest of the Santa Rosa County Commission have a big decision to make. 

The commission could restore your right to pick your trash company – regardless of whether or not you live in north or south Santa Rosa County. 

We’ve got a stake in this. We admit that! Our business stands to benefit from the restoration of the free market. 

But this doesn’t mean ending the improper agreement would be the wrong thing to do. 

Thankfully, Commissioner Piech says he wants to listen to you. That, ultimately, the people should decide. He said as much in a town hall debate earlier this year. 

Arguments Against Giving Adams A Permit

There are a couple of good arguments against ending this improper franchise in south Santa Rosa County. 

The point has been made that there will be more  trash trucks on the roads. Some have argued (we don’t know how many some is, but we’ll entertain it) will lead to overcrowding on the roads and a lower quality of life for south end citizens. 

Not only that – the county attorney said voting to give us a permit would get Santa Rosa County sued! 

Those are decent arguments, here are ours. 

trash truck
An Adams Sanitation Truck that's ready to roll into South Santa Rosa County (Again).

Arguments For Giving Adams Sanitation A Permit

You can ask our legal guy – Nathan – if you put six lawyers in a room, you’ll get six different opinions. 

More than that, The County Attorney has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the actions of the board – both past and present. He’s the attorney for the commissioners, not the  citizens. It means he is responsible for keeping the commissioners and the past and present decisions as risk-free as possible. 

The attorney is simply doing his job by telling the commissioners that the County might get sued. In reality, the buck stops with the commissioners – not the attorney – they are responsible to you and are empowered by their position to vote their conscience. 

Additionally, the county attorney has warned voting to end the exclusive contract with Waste Pro means… Waste Pro will sue the county! But, if they vote us down, we’ve proven – at least five times – that we’ll go to court to protect peoples’ rights in Santa Rosa County. 

So, really, it’s only a matter of who will be suing Santa Rosa County after September 22nd  and if the commission wants to do the right thing for the people of Santa Rosa County. 

The reality is that no matter what decision gets made, there will likely be more litigation… they don’t call it the trash wars for nothing. If the County is going to get sued, shouldn’t it get sued for doing the right thing  on September 22nd? 

Finally, after we introduced competition into the market – everyone can agree – the quality of service whether from us or from Waste Pro – improved. Competition, whether through a legitimate bidding process – (a step skipped by the County when awarding Waste Pro a new bid franchise), or through the open market, is better and fairer for everyone. 

Government shouldn’t rip peoples’ rights from them. And if the County is going to close the free market, it has the obligation to replace it with a fair and open competitive bidding process. 

September 22nd gives the commission a chance to make things right. Ask Commissioner Piech – and all of the commissioners – to do the right thing by sending a note that explains this argument at the link below. 

We’ll write out the bullet points, but we need your help to ensure justice is served. 

Click below to email YOUR commissioners – we’ll take care of the rest. 

September 22nd gives the commission a chance to make things right. Ask Commissioner Piech - and all of the commissioners - to do the right thing by sending a note that explains this argument at the link below. 

We are taking out the trash in Adams Sanitations lawsuit to service south Santa Rosa County!
Junior Jumper Beau Boyles picks up the trash at a dump site near Crestview

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