Do This One Thing To Keep High Quality Trash Service!

Help Us keep high quality service by putting your 'extra' trash out at the end of the week!

Help Us! - Help You!

In addition to our regular twice-weekly service, one of the “extra” services we pride ourselves on offering our customers is the collection of extras placed next to the cart on your regular trash pick-up day – things such as that extra bag of trash from your kid’s birthday party or that broken vacuum cleaner or worn out IKEA end-table. 

Lately, we have been collecting higher than normal amounts of trash and have been seeing an increasing imbalance between our first and second collection days on each route. 

For example, our Monday routes are often up to three hours longer for our crews than when they run the same route on Thursday. While we will still pick up these extras for you on Monday and Tuesday, we are asking kindly that you consider holding extras until your second pick-up of the week when possible. This small effort on your part will help us run our routes more efficiently and help to ensure that we can continue to provide great service at a fair price. 

So, why are we asking this? Because it makes life a little easier – especially during the hot summer months – for our employees. 

Lots of places are having a hard time keeping workers. While we are better off than most when it comes to retaining our people, picking up bulk yard waste on Mondays or Tuesdays, our heavier pickup days, places an extra burden on our field and office staff. Because we want them to stick around, we think this is the way to go. 

Employees who have been on the job longer make fewer mistakes (they miss fewer pickups). They are also safer and more efficient. In the long run, retaining high-quality employees cost us less. This means we can keep our prices as low as possible while ensuring you get superior service. [Bang for your buck is on our words to live by motivational poster.]

Thank y’all! 

Nathan and the operations team at Adams Sanitation. 

Nick Girke, one of our drivers at Adams Sanitation, tips a trash cart on a cold February morning. Help us get your trash for the best value - leave your 'extra' trash we pick up for free out on your second pickup day of the week!
Jumper Wesley with a Trash Cart

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  • Pamela Morgan

    That’s seems like a great idea except for those of us that have only been getting our trash picked up once a week if that!!! I have called several times and talked to PEGGY and she hasn’t returned my calls like she said she would do. My can is always out there on time as I put it out the night before and I have only left EXTRA trash by our can one time!! I don’t want ANY complaints about me leaving a extra can or bag, especially when my trash isn’t being picked up like it is supposed to be!!!!! Happy customers are more likely and more than happy to do as you ask if you are doing like the company is supposed to do!!

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