Is Pace Florida A Good Place to Live?

Where is Pace Florida?

Have you just gotten orders to Pensacola NAS or Whiting Field – or even Hurlburt Field or Eglin Air Force Base? Are you looking for a great place to live with good schools, safe neighborhoods and high quality of life?

Great news, Pace Florida is an excellent option for you and your family. But where is Pace Fl?

Pace, Florida is an unincorporated (that means your property taxes will be lower) community just east of Pensacola in Santa Rosa County, Florida. The area has several excellent schools to choose from and more affordable and safer housing. 

Elementary Schools in Pace, Florida

All of the public schools in Pace, Florida operate under the Santa Rosa County School District. The Santa Rosa County School District earned an A rating from the state in 2020, which means you really can’t go wrong living in Santa Rosa County when it comes to the education of your kiddos. 

Furthermore, there are a total of four elementary schools, two middle schools and a high school for parents to choose from. Additionally, there are several private schools in the area – and we will add them to the list as time allows.

If you want to live in the Pace area – these are the schools you will be able to choose from:

Berryhill Elementary School

Berryhill Elementary School in Pace Florida Logo

Berryhill Elementary School is located on Berryhill Road, about halfway between Pace and Milton. The school is an excellent one; it earned an A- rating from and boasts a 13:1 student to teacher ratio. 61% of the school’s students earned an ‘achievement’ level on their standardized testing – which means they scored at or above grade level for a subject – for English Language Arts learning. 70% of students in that same testing group at Berryhill Elementary earned an achievement level for mathematics.

To give you a frame of reference – Berryhill Elementary did better than 66% of schools in English Language Arts Achievement and better than 81% of schools in mathematics achievement. This information comes from the Florida State Department of Education. Furthermore, rated Berryhill Elementary the #1 standout elementary school in the Pensacola area. The website ranked the school as an A- in academics, a B+ for teachers and a B+ for diversity. The school was rated in the top sixth of all elementary schools in the state by 

Pea Ridge Elementary School

Pea Ridge Chiefs Logo

Santa Rosa County School District assigns learners kindergarten through fifth grade to Pea Ridge Elementary School if they live in the eastern portion of Pace as it nears the City of Milton on US-90 (also known as Caroline Street).

53% of students at Pea Ridge Elementary earned an achievement grade in English and Language Arts – that’s right above the state average of 52.3% for elementary school students. In mathematics, the students at Pea Ridge Elementary School scored in the 57th percentile for all elementary schools in the State of Florida. Pea Ridge does offer a gifted program for students who qualify. 


Mrs. Dana King Fleming, Principal at Pea Ridge Elementary School
Mrs. Dana King Fleming, Principal at Pea Ridge Elementary School

Bennett C. Russell Elementary School

Cardinal Mascot

Students who learn at Bennett C. Russell Elementary School, located in the Avalon Area of Santa Rosa County, had outstanding learning outcomes. 61% of students at the school achieved grade level in English and Language Arts – better than 61% of elementary schools in all of Florida. In math, the students’ school outperformed 62% of elementary schools in the state.

S.S. Dixon Primary School

Located in the heart of Pace, S.S. Dixon Elementary School outshined all of the other elementary schools in the Pace area in 2021. 67% of the school’s students earned achievement grades on their English Language arts FSAs and 74% earned achievement grades on their mathematics FSAs. Dixon Elementary Teachers’ students performed better than 77% of other schools’ students in English language arts and better than 84% of schools in mathematics. That’s incredible! rated the school a B for academics and B for diversity – but the numbers from the State of Florida say that you should consider this school for your children when buying a home. 

There are 752 students at S.S. Dixon Primary School. S.S. Dixon also offers a gifted program for students who qualify. 

Middle Schools in Pace, Florida

Middle School can be a difficult time in a child’s life – it was for me! But the help of great teachers and other resources can also be a rewarding time in a child’s life. Here is the rundown for public middle schools in the Pace area that you will want to know before buying a home. 

Avalon Middle School

Avalon Middle School Huskies Logo

The Students of Avalon Middle School continue to achieve high levels in the state standard testing they must complete. This alone is a great reason to consider living in this area – as is the fact you can get twice-weekly trash and recycling service from Adams Sanitation! 

Avalon Middle School placed in the top third for achievement in mathematics and English language arts for the 2021 school year – a fantastic achievement when you think about how many schools there are in Florida. named the school in the top 20% of the middle schools in the state for 2021. 

Facade of SS Dixon Primary School

Thomas L. Sims Middle School

Thomas L Sims Middle School Patriots Logo

Students at Thomas L. Sims Middle School continue high-level achievement every year. The school rated better than 83% of all Florida schools statewide in English and language arts learning and better than 93% of all middle schools in the state for mathematics achievement! The school has approximately 1,150 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades and boasts a student-to-teacher ratio under 25. The school serves students from Naval Outlying Field Spencer to the Escambia River and feeds Pace High School. 

Pace High School

The Pace Patriots excel in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities throughout Florida. Pace High School placed third in Santa Rosa County’s School District for academics in a very competitive field. The school earned a B+ rating in academics from as well. The two schools that placed better than Pace High School were Gulf Breeze High School and Navarre High School, and both schools are located in the southern portion of Santa Rosa County. 

While may not view Pace High School as favorably as Navarre High School and Gulf Breeze High School – the numbers from the State of Florida tell a different story. According to the latest Florida Department of Education Report, the Pace High School had the second-highest achievement scores, trailing only Gulf Breeze High School. 

The School offers the following sports for students to participate in: 

Baseball • Boys Basketball • Girls Basketball • Cheerleading • Cross Country Girls Flag FootballFootball • GolfBoys and Girls Soccer SoftballBoys and Girls SwimmingTennisTrackVolleyball | Boys and Girls Weightlifting Boys and Girls Wrestling

Pace High School also has plenty of extracurriculars to participate in as well – including Anchor Club, Band, The Black Student Union, Choir, Creative Writing, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, First Priority, Interact Club, National Honor Society, Odyssey of the Mind, Patriot Wildlife Conservation Club, Spanish Honor Society, Theater, Asian Student Union, Beta Club, Chess Club, Color Guard, Dungeons and Dragons Club, Gay Straight Alliance, National Art Honor Society, Naval JROTC, Patriot Ambassadors, Robotics Club, Student Government, Tri-M and the Yearbook. 


Pace High School 50 Year Commemorative Logo
Pace High School Logo

Crime In Pace, Florida

Pace is a very safe place to call home. Fortunately, both violent crime and property crimes are lower on average than in the state of Florida or the United States more generally. As a matter of fact – if you look at other cities around the United States where sailors or marines might get stationed – Pace is one of the safest places you can live! says that Pace is a safer plae to live than 91% of cities in the United States! 

Here are just a few cites to compare – according to

Pace Fl

💥Violent Crime • 1️⃣9️⃣1️⃣

🏚 Property Crime • 1️⃣,7️⃣8️⃣8️⃣


Norfolk Va

💥Violent Crime • 3️⃣7️⃣8️⃣ 

🏚 Property Crime • 2️⃣,1️⃣4️⃣0️⃣

Wilmington nc

💥Violent Crime • 6️⃣0️⃣8️⃣

🏚 Property Crime • 2️⃣,8️⃣8️⃣0️⃣

Honolulu Hi

💥Violent Crime • 2️⃣7️⃣1️⃣

🏚 Property Crime • 3️⃣,0️⃣0️⃣2️⃣

Jacksonville fl

💥Violent Crime • 6️⃣4️⃣3️⃣

🏚 Property Crime • 3️⃣,3️⃣0️⃣5️⃣

Quantico va

💥Violent Crime • 1️⃣3️⃣3️⃣

🏚 Property Crime • 7️⃣7️⃣9️⃣

Fort Worth Tx

💥Violent Crime • 4️⃣4️⃣4️⃣

🏚 Property Crime • 2️⃣,6️⃣8️⃣8️⃣

Coronado Ca

💥Violent Crime • 4️⃣3️⃣

🏚 Property Crime • 1️⃣,5️⃣3️⃣4️⃣

Because Pace is not a city, it does not have a local police force. Insead, the residents of the area rely on the Santa Rosa county Sheriff’s Office to deter crime.

Taxes in Pace Florida

Florida is a very low-tax state to live in. The State of Florida does not levy a state income tax on its citizens – and chooses instead to collect money through sales taxes, corporate taxes and other fees for services it provides. Because of the way the state funds itself, Florida has the fewest number of state employees per resident in the country. It has about half the number of state employees per resident as the average state. 

Taxes for Pace, Florida tether to the county. So, what county is Pace Fl in? Santa Rosa County! Santa Rosa County follows a similar fiscal plan the the State of Florida – it tries to keep taxes as low as possible without harming essential services like the Sheriff’s Office. Santa Rosa County charges about $764 per capita in property taxes – about half of what the average is statewide, according to Florida Tax Watch. 

While it may seem like a built up area – Pace, Florida is not actually a city – it is still an unincorporated area, which means there are no city taxes, but also no city services as well. 


woman doing taxes

Getting Trashy

All in all, Pace is a good bang-for-your-buck kind of place to live. It is also becoming a more and more free place to live.

Recently, the Elected leaders of the county voted to eliminate an improper trash franchise in the northern part of the county – which includes Pace.

This means that you, the free market consumer, get to pick what trash service you want to have! Adams Sanitation (that’s us) offers both twice-weekly pickup, as well as recycling services for you at an affordable cost.

You can sign up today with a couple of clicks of a mouse. We will get your trash cart right to you – often the very next day. Then you can start thinking about the million other things you have to take care of, and we will take care of the trash! 

A graphic representation of an Adams Sanitation Trash Cart
Christopher Saul - Chief Impact Officer at Adams Sanitation

Christopher Saul manages the Adams Sanitation Blog and writes the lion’s share of the content for Friendliest Little Garbage Company Around’s website and social media. When he isn’t slinging hot garbage for Adams Sanitation, he spends time with his wife and two kids. 

Christopher can’t resist a good dad joke. Just know that most, if not all, of the puns on Adams Sanitation website are his and will stay up until they are reported to the boss for being so bad they are good. 

We Won! Adams Sanitation Free To Serve Navarre and Gulf Breeze With Trash Service!

BIG NEWS! Okay, big for us! We can officially bring twice weekly trash service back to South Santa Rosa County and compete on the open market. Hours ago, Judge Dickey overturned an emergency injunction sought by Waste Pro that had temporarily paused the permit awarded to Adams by the Santa Rosa County Commission. More importantly, Judge Dickey made her ruling “with prejudice” resolving the matter permanently.

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Big News! Our Hearing To Service South Santa Rosa County Trash Takes Place September 22nd

Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners – 2022 On September 8th, Commissioner Dave Piech and the rest of the Santa Rosa County Commission have a big decision to make.  The commission could restore your right to pick your trash company – regardless of whether or not you live in north or south Santa Rosa County.  We’ve got a stake in this. We admit that! Our business stands to benefit from the restoration of the free market.  But this doesn’t mean ending the improper agreement would be the wrong thing to do.  Thankfully, Commissioner Piech says he wants to listen to you. That, ultimately, the people should decide. He said as much in a town hall debate earlier this year.  Arguments Against Giving Adams A Permit There are a couple of good arguments against ending this improper franchise in south Santa Rosa County.  The point has been made that there will be more  trash trucks on the roads. Some have argued (we don’t know how many some is, but we’ll entertain it) will lead to overcrowding on the roads and a lower quality of life for south end citizens.  Not only that – the county attorney said voting to give us a permit would get Santa Rosa County sued!  Those are decent arguments, here are ours.  An Adams Sanitation Truck that’s ready to roll into South Santa Rosa County (Again). Arguments For Giving Adams Sanitation A Permit You can ask our legal guy – Nathan – if you put six lawyers in a room, you’ll get six different opinions.  More than that, The County Attorney has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the actions of the board – both past and present. He’s the attorney for the commissioners, not the  citizens. It means he is responsible for keeping the commissioners and the past and present decisions as risk-free as possible.  The attorney is simply doing his job by telling the commissioners that the County might get sued. In reality, the buck stops with the commissioners – not the attorney – they are responsible to you and are empowered by their position to vote their conscience.  Additionally, the county attorney has warned voting to end the exclusive contract with Waste Pro means… Waste Pro will sue the county! But, if they vote us down, we’ve proven – at least five times – that we’ll go to court to protect peoples’ rights in Santa Rosa County.  So, really, it’s only a matter of who will be suing Santa Rosa County after September 22nd  – and if the commission wants to do the right thing for the people of Santa Rosa County.  The reality is that no matter what decision gets made, there will likely be more litigation… they don’t call it the trash wars for nothing. If the County is going to get sued, shouldn’t it get sued for doing the right thing  on September 22nd?  Finally, after we introduced competition into the market – everyone can agree – the quality of service whether from us or from Waste Pro – improved. Competition, whether through a legitimate bidding process – (a step skipped by the County when awarding Waste Pro a new bid franchise), or through the open market, is better and fairer for everyone.  Government shouldn’t rip peoples’ rights from them. And if the County is going to close the free market, it has the obligation to replace it with a fair and open competitive bidding process.  September 22nd gives the commission a chance to make things right. Ask Commissioner Piech – and all of the commissioners – to do the right thing by sending a note that explains this argument at the link below.  We’ll write out the bullet points, but we need your help to ensure justice is served.  Click below to email YOUR commissioners – we’ll take care of the rest.  September 22nd gives the commission a chance to make things right. Ask Commissioner Piech – and all of the commissioners – to do the right thing by sending a note that explains this argument at the link below.  Junior Jumper Beau Boyles picks up the trash at a dump site near Crestview Sign the Petition

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