Waste Pro Is Finally Taking You Seriously – That’s a Good Thing


Waste Pro is finally taking you seriously

📫Waste Pro Mailers and Stickers Arrive in Milton and Pace

Looks like Waste Pro is FINALLY taking you seriously in Santa Rosa County. They sent out some ✉️ mail last week on their collection day – and put 🏷 stickers on our carts, too! 

👍🏻We think that is a GREAT thing, here’s why:

In short, it means that they really do believe in free market competition in waste collection, at least when it suits them. 

As you know, Waste Pro has gotten a 🧑🏻‍⚖️ local judge to force us to stop trash collection service, in the name of their franchise agreement that stands on sinking sand. 

These mailers and stickers are evidence that their argument in Navarre and Gulf Breeze are cynical – they don’t even believe their own lies. While they drag their feet in court fighting the free market in Gulf Breeze and Navarre, they seem to have no problem at all using it in Milton and Pace against a locally owned and operated company. 

I suppose it just means they’re hypocrites. 

These mailers and stickers also mean that we, working together, have made this 💵💵💵 Billion-dollar waste services company 💵💵💵 sit up and take notice. Enough of you have told them 🙅🏽‍♀️ENOUGH🙅🏼‍♂️ – and they have to make some money back. 

👏🏻That is a feat that was only possible because you and our customers gave Adams Sanitation a fighting chance against this trash monster. 

Christopher Saul - Chief Impact Officer at Adams Sanitation
Christopher Saul • Chief Impact Officer

Christopher Saul is the Chief Impact Officer for Adams Sanitation. When he isn’t slinging hot garbage from the keyboard – he is spending time with his family. He also likes to watch his SMU Mustangs play football and basketball. 

We Took A Trash Truck to A Daycare

https://adamssanitation.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Automatic.mp4 Not every day you get to visit a daycare with a trash truck.  Our Customer Service Manager, Nat Mize, gave a short presentation to a group of three and four year olds at the Early Learning Coalition in Gulf Breeze in March. (She’s been talking about it for the better part of two weeks – she was just as excited as the kiddos she talked to about recycling and landfills!)   These kids were prepared. Like super prepared. When we (Facebook guy Christopher went to take photos and video) showed up – the kids had created a cardboard recycling truck with our logo on the side – complete with wheels and everything!    Nat talked to the kids about the importance of reducing the materials we use when we can, re-using and repurposing the other things we use, and recycling what we can.    We even got to take them on a virtual drone tour of the Santa Rosa County landfill in East Milton!    The kids learned about how much trash we make on a daily basis (about ten pounds per person!) and how we get it to the landfill!   The kids listen while Adams Sanitation Customer Service Manager Nat Mize teaches them about recycling and landfills. The kids of Mrs. Bri’s class smile in front of a Adams Sanitation Baby Garbage Truck! Trash Q and A The kids then asked questions about all sorts of things – they were pretty curious about the trash world! Here’s just a little sample of what they asked: Do trash workers get used to the smell? Yes, they do. There are some people who try the job and realize it is a dealbreaker (it does smell bad, after all) – but most of the trash truck drivers and their helpers (called jumpers) get used to the smell after a couple of days.  Did you always want to work at a trash company? The short answer is no! Most of the members of the Adams Sanitaiton team are in the trash industry as their second or even third industry! But that diverse experiential background means we have really good ideas and opinions on making the industry even better! Where does the trash go? Our trash in Santa Rosa County goes to the Santa Rosa County Lanfill 99.99% of the time. Every once in a while – trash from Adams Sanitation ends up at the Baker Transfer station next door in Okaloosa County.  What should the French National Government do about the waste workers strike that’s taken place for more than a week now? We’re kidding, they didn’t ask that one. Honestly, we’d be in a pinch if they did!  Do you pick up the trash and recycling together? A lot of adults ask us this one, too! We do not pick up the trash and recycling together. Furthermore, our recycling goes to the recycling sorting station in northern Escambia County.    After that – we took the kids out for the best part – seeing an actual (mini) trash truck (that we cleaned thoroughly)!  The kids response was great! They loved the trash truck, listened well and had a good time learning about what we do! We had a great time and hope they did, too!   Nat goes for a ride in Adams Sanitation’s newest trash truck – supplied by the kids at the Early Learning Coalition

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Dump Fees Are Up – Here’s What That Means For Your Trash Bill

Dump Fees Are Up – Here’s What That Means For Your Trash Bill Bottom line up front: Santa Rosa County has voted to increase the cost of dumping trash at the county landfill, which will result in a slight increase in trash service costs. However, Adams Sanitation will not raise rates until their annual increase next year, and the Santa Rosa County landfill is still significantly less expensive than neighboring counties. The increase will cost Adams Sanitation approximately $6,000 per month, but they plan to absorb the cost this year without raising customer rates. Santa Rosa County’s commissioners took a 3-1 vote to raise the cost of dumping trash at the county landfill in February, which means we will all have to end up paying a little bit more to get trash service or to run a trash business.  But there are some critical takeaways from the decision we want you to know about: 🙅 Adams Sanitation will NOT raise your trash rates over this until our annual increase subsequent January 💰It will cost us about $6,000 per month MORE to dump trash every month 💵 The Santa Rosa County Landfill is still significantly LESS EXPENSIVE than taking trash to our disposal facilities in neighboring counties.  🗣️ Tell your friends and neighbors about our excellent service! The more people who sign up with us, the more we can spread costs and keep your rates down! A sky view above the Santa Rosa County Landfill in East Milton. No rate increase right now for Adams Sanitation Customers. Last year, we had to raise rates mid-year due to a doubling of diesel costs. At the same time, this increase in dump fees is not put-us-out-of-business-if-we-don’t-raise-rates bad. We are going to absorb the costs this year. Our team has already had several meetings to determine how we will do that, but it’s been made clear it won’t be through raising your monthly rate.  The total cost for this increase is about 50 cents per customer and household per month and may impact our rate calculator next year. What this costs us The good news is that we can absorb the cost of the increased dump fees for the year. The bad news is that the increased cost will work out to about $50,000 this year alone – a lot of money for a small business like ours to absorb. The Santa Rosa County landfill is significantly less expensive than everyone else’s When we heard we were about to receive a bill of an extra $50,000 from the county, we did what any other red-blooded American would do when faced with a stressful situation – we shopped and price compared.  Believe me when I tell you, despite the price increase, we still have it pretty good in Santa Rosa County. Over in Okaloosa County, the cost to dump the same ton of trash is $75. To take our trash over there, we’d need to charge about an additional $6 per month plus the cost of diesel and labor. That stuff adds up quickly – and we’d soon be forced to charge exorbitant rates just to come and get your trash.  To the west, the Perdido Landfill charges $45.06 per ton, currently $3.00 more per ton than in Santa Rosa County – only six months more. But once you add in the $52 for diesel and $50+ for labor costs, you’re looking at another pretty steep price hike for the same service.  While we’re not thrilled about losing money to this price increase, it could be a lot worse – so, a little bit of a silver lining there. What can be done to keep costs down? The good news is that some factors are keeping our costs down this year! Diesel prices have dropped some as we have matured as a business.  We have been able to keep people around longer term at Adams Sanitation – which means we are running more efficiently. Our labor costs have dropped a bit because we are not constantly looking for new employees, burning them out with overtime, or paying more for overtime work (yay!).  We are also growing! More and more people are signing up daily to get the best trash service in town! That means we can increase our routes’ density- making us more efficient. The more efficient we are, the lower we can keep our prices while still paying decent wages for a (very) hard day of work and making a fair profit.  We still need help, though. If you feel that we’ve earned it – tell your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and family about the high level of service you get from Adams Sanitation. The more people we get to serve, the better off our customers, our local employees, and our small business!

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    • Geoff Ross

      Take a look at the financial statements of the county commissioner candidates and see which incumbents and or candidates received campaign contributions from Waste Pro.

  • Sean R Looney

    I don’t want Waste Pro’s stickers on any of my property! Isn’t putting stickers on someone else’s trash cans a form of vandalization?
    Re-market exist for a reason, let’s go Adams!

    • Sean R Looney

      I don’t want Waste Pro’s stickers on any of my property! Isn’t putting stickers on someone else’s trash cans a form of vandalization?
      Free market exist for a reason, let’s go Adams!

      • Catherine Maraboli

        Waste Pro does not provide adequate service. The fly infestation this summer was proof of that. Once a week pickup for a family of 5 if they bother to come down our street created a seriously unsanitary condition. Competition should exist. Let people choose their service!

    • Sandra Klee

      You guys provide fantastic service. Waste Pro better pay attention because y’all are the little guy who can, will and has! They couldn’t pay me to go back.

      • Elizabeth L

        Waste “Pros” should change their name to waste of my time and money. Almost everyone on my street now has Adams cans because Waste “Pros” couldn’t be bothered to come out the ONE time a week they were supposed to leaving everyone with overflowing cans for two weeks. I laughed as I threw their flyer into my Adams can, which is promptly emptied TWICE a week. I personally prefer to pay my bill monthly as well, it helps me to budget more effectively. I am not paid by, nor do I work for Adams. Just a satisfied customer who believes in a free market. I’d love to have options for a power company as well (looking at you Gulf Power) but I digress. Thanks Adams! You guys really are too notch!

  • Donna Lynn Garrett

    My family loves Adams. And, I hear that many people in Gulf Breeze and Navarre want you as their trash pickup provider (from postings on Facebook). They should be able to choose. Lucky for us, we live in Milton and had a choice. We couldn’t ask for better service. You guys are great! Thank you!

  • Katherine Boles

    Waste Pro and Santa Rosa County will raise their prices at the first opportunity! Someone in the county got a Hugh kickback when that contract was voted on. Every elected official who voted on this contract should be voted out of office! I would really like to have a list of their names so I can help vote them out of office, just like Virginia voted the progressives out this week!

  • Cynthia Koklas

    I too, received the post card from Waste Pro. And you may want to note Waste Pro’s false claim about your company. On the mail I received, they claim that Adams only picks up yard debris once a month when you pick up yard debris as needed. One of the main reasons I switched! And by the way, you do a great job!

  • Ken Edwards

    Their postcard went in trash without reading it.They did waste money on them.I like Adam’s service.

  • Pamela Hindman

    I got the mailer from “The Trash Monster” and tore it up and threw it away. They cannot provide ANYTHING I want or need. If it wasn’t for you folks at Adam’s Sanitation, I would take my own trash to the Santa Rosa County Landfill.
    Y’all are the best, at EVERYTHING y’all do, right down to the crews doing the ‘dirty work’!
    Keep it up, I believe you have ALL of our support!

  • Cyndi McGrath

    We are behind you 110% and will wait patiently for a good outcome! Love your company and your service!

  • Cyndi McGrath

    We are behind you 110% and will wait patiently for a good outcome! Love your company and your service! Thank you for your persistence.

  • David Courington

    I live in Milton and I love your service. It is good to see a small business succeed in today’s environment. I liked the flyer they sent out to me because it hi-lited he services you offer to us and I think that is great for your! You can’t beat free advertising, especially at the expense of the competition. Keep up the good work and you will be rewarded. I know a lot of folks in south Santa Rosa County wish that your service was not being interfered with down there.

  • Margarita Duff

    I’m not interested in whatever waste pro have to say. They had their chance. I like the service I’m getting with y’all. Very happy right where I’m at. My gratitude is in y’all Adams. Keep up the good work ???

  • Suzanne Broxson

    I just moved in a trailer and it has Waste Pro service here they are never on the same day of the week they are never consistent and soon as I am able I will order service through y’all I can’t stand big companies who think they own the world! If it wasn’t for small business my son wouldn’t have a job right now!

    • Suzanne Broxson

      I just moved in a trailer and it has Waste Pro service here they are never on the same day of the week they are never consistent and soon as I am able I will order service through y’all I can’t stand big companies who think they own the world! If it wasn’t for small business my son wouldn’t have a job right now!

  • Jimmy Carnley

    Waste PRO trying to undercut Adam’s business by offering a little discount but not worth it. I can stay with Adam’s Santation.

  • Richard pope

    We love your service, twice per week pickup. Waste Pro only picks up once a week for almost same price which is Not right. I used them several years ago and they said they would not go up on the price but they did.

  • Jenn Smith

    Loved the flier they sent out! It cracked me up how hard they tried to make it look like you guys cost so much more. The math speaks for itself, and so does the awesome service, and twice a week pick up. We are pleased with your company and have no desire to switch to any other! Thank you for your hard work, and family values.

  • Terri Adkison

    I had Waste Pro in Dec. 2020. I had it only one month. That is when you started in my area. I called Adams to see if you did my area in Milton. You said you did and that is when I canceled my order at the end of the month of Dec.
    I like the twice a week also.

  • Robert Steinmetz

    Well! All I can say is strength in numbers. If they try to chase Adam’s out of here then we need to go and protest our rights. This is a freedom of choice that they shouldn’t have the right to mess with. Someone is collecting under the table funds by waste pro and it stinks corruption. We chose Adam’s and we are completely satisfied with their service.

  • carole doyle

    i signed up for adams the week before the stop order, and cancelled waste pro.now waste pro still has not picked up their cans since about oct. 8, they are still on the road. i am waiting for adams to get to resume business and bring me their cans.i have heard only good things about adams sanitation, and know people that are also ready to change their service from waste pro to adams when ever this is resolved

  • Peggy C Nichol

    We have been very happy with Adams service & believe in free enterprise. The Commissioners should not be choosing for us, we should be choosing for us. Further, the idea of having only once a week trash service which is all Waste Pro offers, is not only ridiculous for anyone living in hot & steamy Florida, but downright unsanitary.

  • Michelle B

    Best service with Adams Sanitation! I’m extremely satisfied since I chose y’all for my garbage service! I never worry if my trash will be picked up!

  • Terry Richardson

    Adams has the best service I have had since moving to Pace in 2008. Your drivers and workers are always courteous and a pleasure to speak with. More than once I have complimented them on the superior job they are doing in Pace. I have never had an issue, the drivers don’t speed through the neighborhood like your afore mentioned competitor keeps doing, and are very dependable on making my pick ups. Might I also commend your Adams family for turning the can sideways to show it was picked up? Great job Adams, keep up the good work. Waste Pro is a waste of dough.

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