Recycling is Estimated to Start Back Mid-October!

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Recycling Update: Mid October is the expected return to recycling

Starting Recycling Back Up

Well, we FINALLY have an estimated date that ECUA’s Cantonment Facility will begin to take recycling again! 

They have let us know that they expect to be operational and ready to take your recyclables by Mid-October. 

As you might have heard, their recycling facility suffered a fire a couple of months ago – and they’ve been working to get it back online ever since. 

They have also let us know they’ve made several updates to their facility to improve their recycling processes. 

We will keep you up to date as we get more information on the situation! 

Reimbursements for Recycling

As for our customers who have been paying for recycling while not being able to utilize it properly during the fire, we will reimburse you for your recycling bill as soon as the facility reopens. This way we can reimburse you all in one swoop! 

We’re near the finish line on this whole episode – thank you for bearing with us through it! 

Christopher Saul is the Chief Marketing Officer for Adams Sanitation. When he isn’t slinging hot garbage from the keyboard – he is spending time with his family. He also likes to watch his SMU Mustangs play football and basketball. 

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