Waste Pro Lawsuit – Feeling All ‘Tingley’ Inside

Feeling All "Tingley" Inside

Waste Pro Lawyer: “The Best Defense is a Good Offense”

We’ve heard it said – “Justice is what you get when you run out of money.”

Rest assured – Waste Pro isn’t about to run out of cash as long as it can keep winning sweet-heart, no-bid contracts!

So it’s no surprise that Waste Pro has sued our little local business for having the audacity to challenge them. 

To lead their legal assault, Waste Pro has hired a hard-charging lawyer out of Orlando who seems to specialize in representing white-collar criminals – no surprise there! 

Waste Pro’s lawyer gleefully proclaims that when representing rich guys accused of doing bad things, “the best defense is a good offense.”   It would seem that Ms. Tingley (said lawyer) has gone to her go-to play.

Having done wrong by cozying their way to an improper contract, Waste Pro is on the attack. Who better to make your patsy than the little guy, right!? Well, maybe.

You see, we may be small, but we’re scrappy! 

Hiding Info From The Public

According to her bio, one of Ms. Tingley’s other special skills is “quietly handling volatile matters, so they remain undiscovered by the media.”

Here’s Ms. Tingley’s bio – description of her ability to deal with the media included – just in case she decides to change it. 😁

Nothing says ‘we’re doing the right thing’ more than hiring a lawyer that knows how to hide stuff from the media! And of course, matters undiscovered by the media generally remain undiscovered by the public too.

And while Waste Pro may have interest in keeping YOU in the dark about their “volatile” activities, we share no such interest.

We’ll continue to be open and honest with you as our fight for your right to fair and open government and good value for your tax dollars unfolds.

Waste Pro Wants To Know Who Is Leaving Them For Us – We’re Not Telling Them.

For those who are interested in seeing just how good Waste Pro’s legal team is at trying to hide the ball here is the Request To Produce we received yesterday. 

This document with fifty-six demands is a  classic “abuse of discovery” tactic. 

What they appear to be after is to

1. smother us in legal fees in responding to their demands and

2. gain access to the intimate details of our  business.

They even go so far as to demand YOUR contact information if you’ve committed the sin of signing up for twice-weekly trash service with us (a demand we will not be giving in to)!

And that is really just a reminder that though Adams Sanitation may be the Defendant in their “best defense is a good offense” lawsuit, Waste Pro is actually waging an assault against the citizens of Santa Rosa County.

“Getting Some of the Good Stationary”

At any rate, we aren’t going to back away or back down. They can send cease and desist letters on fancy paper and try to bury us in a mountain of discovery requests until the cows come home, but we will not back down. It will be expensive and at times distracting and frustrating, but we will stay in the fight, because it is the right thing to do. And when the dust settles, we have absolute faith that the citizens of Santa Rosa County will remember who had your back and who was just trying to keep their hand forcefully shoved in your pocket.

Time to pick up some trash!


  • George Reeves

    You can keep the money I paid for recycling the past couple of months if it will help you in the fight against Waste Pro.

  • Karen Gogol

    You can keep my recycling money to put in your legal defense fund also. Keep up the fight for us Adams. I look forward to your service starting next week. Nice to have someone who is actually on the side of the people. Together we all win. Thank you for taking up this fight. I support you 100 percent.

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