Adams offers trash service to southern Santa Rosa County


Adams to offer trash service to Navarre and Southern Santa Rosa County

June 30 update to our expansion progress

South Santa Rosa County:
We’re so excited to begin serving you here in the near future! We know that you probably have a lot of questions about our service, like…
⌛When’s it gonna start?
As of right now – we are hoping that we will have the ability to serve the residents of South Santa Rosa County (Navarre and Unincorporated Gulf Breeze) in the next three months or so. As of this moment, the speed at which we are able to deliver service is wholly dependent on the county’s approval or denial of our permit. We expect to hear back in the month of July. 
💵What’s it gonna cost?
Right now, we are estimating a cost of $28.50 for twice weekly service in the southern part of Santa Rosa County. But this is dependent on a several factors. 
  • 🙋‍♀️the biggest variable YOU control. The more people who sign up, the less expensive the service will be for everyone. 
  • 🚚 Equipment costs are also a significant portion of the final costs. Right now we are looking at having to pay $220,000 for the same truck we purchased four months ago for $175,000. 
  • 👷‍♀️Personnel costs. it’s no surprise to many, wages are rising – and we need to keep our wages competitive to continue hiring the best people for the job. We’re having to factor this in as well! 
♻Will there be recycling?
Yes! we plan on rolling out recycling with our service to the southern portion of Santa Rosa County as well.
⚖What about all of this legal mumbo-jumbo I keep hearing about?
Oh momma. Basically, we are arguing that the county violated their own purchasing policy when they gave Waste Pro a no bid contract to service the south end of the county. According to their own purchasing policy, any contract that was acquired in violation of their purchasing policy is null and void. for that reason, we believe we should be able to get a permit to service South Santa Rosa County. 
🎤 We have an announcement for our friends in southern Santa Rosa County
We have submitted an application to serve unincorporated southern Santa Rosa County with Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners as of this afternoon.
What this means for you:
🗑 – We are signing up customers at for service in southern Santa Rosa County, including #Navarre, #Midway and unincorporated #GulfBreeze. Currently, we are accepting customers via our deposit program. This means we will sign you up 🛑pending our approval🛑 with the Santa Rosa County board of County Commissioners.
🖥 – You can sign up right now when you go to When you enter your address into the system to sign up, our system will recognize that you are in the south end of the county and have you sign up for our $10 deposit for FUTURE service in southern Santa Rosa County.
2⃣✖ – This service will include our signature twice-a-week service!
💵 – As of this moment, we will charge a $10 deposit fee to hold your place. THIS IS IMPORTANT as we will use this list to show that there is a desire for a 🇺🇸FREE MARKET🇺🇸 and an alternative to the situation in southern Santa Rosa County right now.
🇺🇸 – At the end of the day, this is America and you should at least have a choice as to whom you want to do business with. We hope it’s us – but most importantly, we want to make sure you aren’t forced into one option without an alternative.
We know we’re in for a fight, but we think it’s worth it.

Nathan Boyles is the Business Development and Legal Manager for Adams Sanitation. 


Big News! Our Hearing To Service South Santa Rosa County Trash Takes Place September 22nd

Santa Rosa County Board of County Commissioners – 2022 On September 8th, Commissioner Dave Piech and the rest of the Santa Rosa County Commission have a big decision to make.  The commission could restore your right to pick your trash company – regardless of whether or not you live in north or south Santa Rosa County.  We’ve got a stake in this. We admit that! Our business stands to benefit from the restoration of the free market.  But this doesn’t mean ending the improper agreement would be the wrong thing to do.  Thankfully, Commissioner Piech says he wants to listen to you. That, ultimately, the people should decide. He said as much in a town hall debate earlier this year.  Arguments Against Giving Adams A Permit There are a couple of good arguments against ending this improper franchise in south Santa Rosa County.  The point has been made that there will be more  trash trucks on the roads. Some have argued (we don’t know how many some is, but we’ll entertain it) will lead to overcrowding on the roads and a lower quality of life for south end citizens.  Not only that – the county attorney said voting to give us a permit would get Santa Rosa County sued!  Those are decent arguments, here are ours.  An Adams Sanitation Truck that’s ready to roll into South Santa Rosa County (Again). Arguments For Giving Adams Sanitation A Permit You can ask our legal guy – Nathan – if you put six lawyers in a room, you’ll get six different opinions.  More than that, The County Attorney has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the actions of the board – both past and present. He’s the attorney for the commissioners, not the  citizens. It means he is responsible for keeping the commissioners and the past and present decisions as risk-free as possible.  The attorney is simply doing his job by telling the commissioners that the County might get sued. In reality, the buck stops with the commissioners – not the attorney – they are responsible to you and are empowered by their position to vote their conscience.  Additionally, the county attorney has warned voting to end the exclusive contract with Waste Pro means… Waste Pro will sue the county! But, if they vote us down, we’ve proven – at least five times – that we’ll go to court to protect peoples’ rights in Santa Rosa County.  So, really, it’s only a matter of who will be suing Santa Rosa County after September 22nd  – and if the commission wants to do the right thing for the people of Santa Rosa County.  The reality is that no matter what decision gets made, there will likely be more litigation… they don’t call it the trash wars for nothing. If the County is going to get sued, shouldn’t it get sued for doing the right thing  on September 22nd?  Finally, after we introduced competition into the market – everyone can agree – the quality of service whether from us or from Waste Pro – improved. Competition, whether through a legitimate bidding process – (a step skipped by the County when awarding Waste Pro a new bid franchise), or through the open market, is better and fairer for everyone.  Government shouldn’t rip peoples’ rights from them. And if the County is going to close the free market, it has the obligation to replace it with a fair and open competitive bidding process.  September 22nd gives the commission a chance to make things right. Ask Commissioner Piech – and all of the commissioners – to do the right thing by sending a note that explains this argument at the link below.  We’ll write out the bullet points, but we need your help to ensure justice is served.  Click below to email YOUR commissioners – we’ll take care of the rest.  September 22nd gives the commission a chance to make things right. Ask Commissioner Piech – and all of the commissioners – to do the right thing by sending a note that explains this argument at the link below.  Junior Jumper Beau Boyles picks up the trash at a dump site near Crestview Sign the Petition

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Watch The Great Trash Debate

The Great Trash Debate Santa Rosa County Commissioners debate the pros and cons of allowing the citizens to pick their own trash company.  You know what side Adams Sanitation is on – now you can find out which side the commissioners are on.  Hit the play button in order to watch what happens next.  If you haven’t done so yet – now is as good a time as any to send the commissioners a form-letter email to the inboxes – letting them know where you stand on the issue.  Send Your Elected Officials a Note

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  • Charlotte Walkeru

    Your service would be a definite improvement for less cost & much appreciated by those of us getting once a week pick up for higher charge. I already put a deposit down for your services in anticipation of a much needed change. Thankyou.

  • Darlene Smith

    I live on Oak point Dr. in Tiger point East in Gulf breeze. I would like to see you take care of our whole street.Our prices have went up the pick up has went down. I believe there’s about 75 houses on our street. We do have an HOA. I would like more information about pick up day is costs and so forth. Thank you

    • Christopher Saul

      we absolutely will! Please email with your information and we can get you and your whole neighborhood working toward a preferred provider contract. that would get you and everyone in your neighborhood a better deal on trash service if you meet our requirements!

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