Trash Industry: The Women of Adams Sanitation


the women of Adams Sanitation

Awesome news for the ladies of Adams Sanitation (who make up more than 40% of our workforce here) – the Pensacola News Journal wrote an article about them and the work they do every day to make Santa Rosa County a cleaner place!

Tammy Hughes employee of Adams Sanitation
Tammy Hughes was highlighted in the article written by PNJ Reporter Annie Blanks on April 15th. We are so proud of her hard work and dedication to our customers.

Reporter Annie Blanks got wind of the huge disparity between us and the other trash companies around here and around the country. While most companies in waste hauling (that is what our industry is officially called) have between 1-8% women in their ranks – we have more than five times that number – 41%

We are incredibly proud of the women that we have in our ranks – all the way from the newest jumper to the company owner, and we think they make the difference in quality that you have come the expect from us. 

Several other employees, including Ashley Herrin, Stacy Smith and Alyssa Copple are highlighted in the article. 

A great group to work with – filled with Marine Moms, Motorcycle Riders, former bus drivers and so many others that make Adams a great company to hire for trash service and to work for, 

And hey – if you want to work here, we are hiring. We’d love to have you!


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