Are You Eligible For Recycling? Check the Map Now!

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Santa Rosa county, florida recycling service area

“Can I get recycling service from Adams Sanitation in Santa Rosa County?”

Right now, it depends. We have begun to service the area below in yellow. 

If you are looking for the day your route runs, click here! The days your route runs depend on where you live – for example, your day may be different in Pace, Florida or Milton, Florida. 

Do you want to learn how to recycle well – and save the planet? Learn about local recycling rules for our area here!

Christopher Saul is the Chief Marketing Officer for Adams Sanitation. When he isn’t slinging hot garbage from the keyboard – he is spending time with his family. He also like to watch his SMU Mustangs play football and basketball. 

Santa’s Comin’ to Town! (Christmas/New Year’s Trash Schedule)

It’s the Christmas season and we want to give you plenty of heads up about our schedule between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day – as there are going to be a lot of changes for that week. Thank you for understanding and allowing us to spend a little bit of time with our families to celebrate the Christmas season!

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One Comment

  • Sarah Pickard

    I am not able to tell by the map if recycling is offered where I live.
    Also the “click here” link is not working for checking the days of the route.

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