Upcoming Guests on The Panhandle! With Crystal Boyles.

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Upcoming guests on The Panhandle! With Crystal Boyles!

Please check these listings below for regular updates to the upcoming guests on The Panhandle! With Crystal Boyles. 

Confirmed Guest List (Updated May 4, 2021)

May 18

Man and woman with pitchforks

We are thrilled to announce Jonalyn Carver will join us on May 18th. Jonalyn and her husband, Clay moved plenty of times for his career in the Army. After he retired, the couple moved to Baker. They “wanted to pursue something that they could build side by side. Converting 10 acres of land to build a farm was a natural step.” The couple started Blossom Lane Farms, a flower farm, in 2019. The farm is named after a Jonalyn’s childhood friend who died from cancer. Her name now symbolizes not just their friendship, but the joy that she – and the flowers that come from the farm create in the world. Jonalyn will talk with us about starting a business after retiring from the military, working with her husband every day and the flower business! 

June 1

This is one you are going to want to share with your kids! Reace Early is a 14-year-old who, last summer, started his first business – Yard Sharks – and just hired his first employee! Reece will talk to us about starting an LLC, managing employees, what he does with his money (give you a hint: he’s pretty responsible) and his plans for the future. We will also talk to his dad, Brice about instilling entrepreneurial values in his son! 

June 15

 Rachel and her husband Max were both born and raised in Northwest Florida. They were raised with a strong desire to become entrepreneurs and serve God by serving their neighbors. The Couple and their three boys own NxtGen Farming in Okaloosa County. The create organic produce through the process of aquaponics, which uses fish to fertilize and grow food. In addition to their aquaculture venture, the pair own a concrete construction business that helps build new facilities on military bases in the area. Rachel is also a licensed Pediatric Registered Nurse. We are so excited to have Rachel on the show to talk about aquaponics, running multiple small businesses, the construction materials shortage, pediatric nursing and balancing it all!

June 29

Kristen Marks is an attorney who specializes in trusts and wills for women. She noticed a gap in the market for women and wanted to make sure that women in Escambia and Santa Rosa County could sleep peacefully knowing their affairs would be in order if something happened to them. To that end, she created her business, My Pink Lawyer. Business has boomed. She is busy as a bee thanks to her clever marketing! She will talk to Crystal about her business, marketing what she does, empowering women and more! 

July 13

Shon Owens owns a home construction business and serves as the current mayor of Jay, Florida – in the far northern portion of Santa Rosa County, Florida. Shon will be on the podcast to talk about balancing his business life and his public service life. 

July 27

Jared Williams is a digital media entrepreneur on the cusp of the new way we will receive and consume local news. Several years ago, Jared noticed the shrinking newspapers and TV stations and fewer number of reporters on staffs. He knew the business model was broken – after all, people still want to know what’s going on in their communities, where their tax money is going, and what their elected officials are up to! He started Get The Coast, a now rapidly growing digital media outlet which tens of thousands of people rely on for information every day. Jared will talk to us about taking entrepreneurial risks, local politics and what the future of digital media means for you and your business!

Christopher Saul is the Chief Marketing Officer for Adams Sanitation. When he isn’t slinging hot garbage from the keyboard – he is spending time with his family. He also like to watch his SMU Mustangs play football and basketball. 

Santa’s Comin’ to Town! (Christmas/New Year’s Trash Schedule)

It’s the Christmas season and we want to give you plenty of heads up about our schedule between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day – as there are going to be a lot of changes for that week. Thank you for understanding and allowing us to spend a little bit of time with our families to celebrate the Christmas season!

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