The Panhandle! With Crystal Boyles – A Small Business Podcast for Northwest Florida.

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Introducing The Panhandle! Podcast for Small Business and Entrepreneurs in Northwest Florida

Here is what we’re doing:

woman and girl cooking
I love to cook! that is why we plan on having several entrepreneurs who have restaurants and more on the show!

I am so excited to announce the latest in our community development efforts from all of us here at Adams Sanitation, a podcast called The Panhandle! With Crystal Boyles. 

The Panhandle! Is going to be a place where we can talk about growing or starting a small business in Northwest Florida, being a woman in business, local government and how it affects entrepreneurship in both Okaloosa and Santa Rosa counties, and achieving a work-life balance for moms specifically and families in general. 

We are going to have plenty of content to cover – as there are tens of thousands of small and medium sized businesses in the panhandle. 

We (Christopher Saul, our Chief Marketing Officer over at Adams) and I want to make sure that we are getting to the topics that you want to hear! drop us a line at if you have an idea for an episode! 

This is What We Think You Will Get Out Of This Podcast

This podcast is geared toward small business owners, or people that want to start their small business, in the Florida Panhandle. We are going to have discussions with people who have successfully started their business in places like Pace, Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Milton, Jay, Laurel Hill, Niceville, 30A, South Walton, Pensacola and beyond! 

These guests will give you great insights on how to start, improve or take your business to the next level. Everything from hiring and firing to strategic planning and the little things in between. We want to make sure that you are a little more equipped to succeed! It isn’t all business; we want to have some fun too and can’t wait to highlight interesting people in and around our community. 

Who Is Coming On The Podcast?

We have a wide variety of engaging local leaders and business owners who are already booked to come on the podcast. Here are just a few:

Katie Sharon – BBVA Porfolio Manager

Want to get a small business loan to start your dream? Our first guest, Katie Sharon – ran one of the largest small business lenders in Fort Walton Beach with BBVA Compass. She’ll also talk about infrastructure projects to reduce traffic in Crestview and stop flooding in the south end of Okaloosa County and how she balances homeschooling her children and working from home. 

Casey Kearney
Country Music Singer-Songwriter Casey Kearney

Casey Kearney, a country musician from Holt will talk about ranching on the border between Santa Rosa and Okaloosa County, local rodeo life, making a Nashville record label, being invited to sing the National Anthem at an Atlanta Braves game, writing a book with her daughter, and overcoming roadblocks caused by being overworked and depressed.  

Sue McCool – Craft Brewery Owner

Another episode features Sue McCool, owner of Niceville’s 3rd Planet Brewing. We’ll talk about how her husbands’ passion for home brewing became the most popular microbrewery to gather with friends in the city of Niceville – how she balances the business side of the brewery, including all the fun paperwork, withher many other commitments.We’ll probably have a couple of beers too!  

We have a full slate of interesting people to talk to about small business and life in Northwest Florida! You can check out the frequently-updated guest list on our website as well! 

We will have a new episode every other week – with an interesting guest and insight into making entrepreneurship work for you! 

Me, Beau and Quinn!

Where can I find the podcast?

Oh man – where can’t you find The Panhandle! 

We will have The Panhandle! With Crystal Boyles on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Pandora. 

Additionally, we will have video versions of the podcast on our Podcast social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) as well as on Adams Sanitation’s Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram TV and YouTube pages. 

Finally, we will also have our podcasts on this blog at 

Whom do you want to hear from?

There are so many different interesting people we would like to have on the show – so we are having to triage a little bit. Whom would you like to hear about in the near future? Drop us a line at to suggest guests! 

We are so looking forward to this adventure and hope you will give us a try! 

A Woman

Crystal Boyles is the owner of Adams Sanitation and the host of the small business podcast, The Panhandle! With Crystal Boyles. She and her husband, Nathan, have two children – Beau and Quinn as well as Teddy the Dog!

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