Spring Is Here – That Means It’s Finally Time For Mowing That Lawn! (And Getting Rid Of Yard Waste)

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Spring Is Here - That Means It's Finally Time For Mowing That Lawn! (And Getting Rid of Yard Waste)

Getting Ready To Spruce up that Lawn!

Lawnmower working on a yard
A lawnmower cuts another row of grass – Spring has begun!

Well, Spring is just around the corner and that means its time to get out the lawn mower and hedge clippers. It also means its not a bad idea to go over our Yard Waste Policy so that we can get your grass clippings, small limbs and whatever else needs manicuring out of the way quickly! 

I’ll probably say this a couple of times in this post – but it bears repeating – we take the bags of trash (you can use plastic or paper bags, dealer’s choice) to be composted, so its important that only organic material like mulch, grass clippings and branches be included in our yard waste pickups. Composting, according to the authority on the subject, the Encyclopedia Brittanica is “[a] crumbly mass of rotted organic matter made from decomposed plant material, used in gardeningand agriculture. Compost is especially important in organic farming, where the use of synthetic fertilizersis not permitted. Compost improves soil structure, provides a wide range of nutrients for plants, and adds beneficial microbes to the soil. The maximum benefits of compost on soil structure (better aggregation, pore spacing, and water storage) and on crop yield usually occur after several years of use. 

•Visual Learners – we got you: here is a link to our Yard Waste Infographic

Quick Rules

  • blowing grass clippings off the sidewalk
    A man blows leaves off the sidewalk
    So a couple of good things to easily remember our yard waste rules: Yard clippings are going to need to be bagged up (we want to make sure your grass clippings are flying all across the neighborhood).


  • A Dollar Bill, a Doorway and a Trash Cart are good measuring sticks for your limbs and sticks.
  • All of your limbs and sticks need to be bundled so that we don’t accidentally leave them behind.
  • We can’t take individual limbs that are wider in circumference (wider) than a dollar bill. 
  • The bundles of sticks need to be shorter than the height of your Adams Sanitation Garbage Cart and less wide than your front door.

Other things to know – Toys, Poop (ew, we know), hoses, furniture, tools and lumber can’t be taken with your yard waste. This is because we take yard waste to a compost site, so that we can dispose of it in an environmental friendly way!

It may not be fall, but this just a good reminder – all leaves and clippings need to be bagged in order to be taken up. Either paper or plastic bags to contain waste is fine. 

Special Pickups

An Edger tool working between the concrete and lawn
Don’t forget to bag all of your clippings. We cannot pick up piles of yard waste, unless it is properly bagged or bundled.

To make a special pickup order online click on this link!

One you are at the contact form – select ‘service quote’ under reason for contact and fill out the rest of the form! 

Looking for Bulk Pickup Info?

We also include pickup of up to three bulky items per month in our trash fee you pay monthly with Adams Sanitation! For more information about our Bulk Waste Policy, you can either read our Bulk Waste Policy Infographic, or check out our blog post on bulk waste

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