Bulk Waste Policy

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Adams' Bulk Waste Policy

What Is Bulk Waste?

At Adams Sanitation, we offer bulk waste pickup as a no-additional cost part of our monthly service! (you still have to pay for our service to get bulk pickups – we aren’t just running around getting random stuff off random people’s curbs)

We thought about making a really long policy to exactly explain what would be picked up in our bulk pickup policy, but we figured a few words and a really awesome graphic would be a better way to communicate what we are doing and how it works on your end. 

*If you are a visual learner and want to skip straight to our Bulk Waste Pickup Infographic click on this link.* 

How Does Bulk Waste Work?

Bulk pickup in Okaloosa and Santa Rosa County works like this for Adams Customers: Adams Sanitation no longer has specific bulk waste pickup days, instead we are going to do a tag-and-bag system for bulk pickup.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

First, you’ll put your bulk waste item out on the curb next to your trash can. Then, we will either pick up the item if it is possible during our regular route, or make a note of the item to our system. Once the item is in our bulk pickup system, we will make a special route for bulk pickup. This pickup will typically take place on Wednesday’s – but that won’t always be the case. We will get to it as quickly as possible!

I Thought You Picked Up Bulk Waste On A Certain Wednesday Every Month?

We USED to pick up bulk waste on certain Wednesdays throughout the month, depending on where you lived, BUT we have moved to a new method. 

Special Pickups

It’s important to note that there are many items that are just too big, heavy, or otherwise unmanageable for just one person to be considered a bulk pickup. In this case, they are considered a special pickup.

If you know your item is in that ‘just really really big’ category, give us a call at 532.3282 to set up a special pickup. Those pickups start at about $75 and cost more depending on the size and number of the items. To give you an idea – 1 king sized mattress is going to cost less for removal than 15 tables.

To make a special pickup order online click on this link!

One you are at the contact form – select ‘service quote’ under reason for contact and fill out the rest of the form!

Looking for Yard Waste Rules?

We also collect yard waste from you as an included service at Adams Sanitation! If you are looking for the rules for Yard Waste, Just Click This Link! 

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