Ammo Is Expensive, And In Our Trash Carts

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Ammo Is Expensive, And In Our Trash Carts

With Ammo As Expensive As It Is, You'd Think This Would Be A Blessing For Us, But Its a Real Danger.

We get a bunch of weird stuff in the back of a trash truck. In the couple of days I ride on the back of one every year, I see everything from brand-new TVs to golf clubs and VHS tapes. 

But there are some things that end up in the trash that blow my mind. Chief among them last month came up when one of our field supervisors pleaded with me to put something on Facebook to remind people to not throw away ammunition in the trash. 

First of all – there’s an ammo shortage, y’all. 

I’m guessing the ammo we found was old, but still – ammunition? People have GOT to know that is incredibly dangerous for the crews on the trucks. For one, when the crusher on the back of the truck crushes items thrown in the back, it creates incredible pressure – thousands of pounds of pressure per square Inch. This can mean – even without a spark, bad things can happen. 

So Where Do I Take My Old Ammo?

I also understand where the person trying to get rid of the ammo is coming from: they wanted (possibly faulty) ammunition out of the house and might not know where to take it.

I have to be honest, I didn’t know where to take it, either – unit l made some calls.

Here in the Okaloosa and Santa Rosa County, in the Florida Panhandle, you can take all ammunition to a law enforcement office. This includes, the Crestview Police Department, Milton Police Department, Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Office and the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. Guns that might be beyond repair due to a misfire, etc., can be taken there too.

If you don’t want to take it to law enforcement, you can always take faulty ammo you want to get rid of to a firing range or gun store – as they will usually have protocols in place to dispose or get rid of of old ammo safely.

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