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Yard & Bulk Waste Pickup Services

Here at Adams Sanitation, both our Santa Rosa County and Okaloosa County trash service operations have focused on customer service that is a value, dependable and community oriented.

Our Pace, Florida, East Milton, Florida, Baker, Holt and Laurel Hill trash pick up also includes Bulk waste pick up and yard waste pick up for our customers.

We believe it is of the utmost importance to make our guidelines easy to understand and follow! That is why we created these infographics for people to understand our policies quickly and easily. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Yard Waste Pickup

Here at Adams Sanitation, our Santa Rosa and Okaloosa County trash service includes yard waste pick up. Check out our infographics to see what you can and cannot put in your yard waste pickup! 

Instead of having a particular yard waste day, our trash company is moving toward a rolling yard waste pickup option for Pace, East Milton, Baker, Laurel Hill, Jay and other unincorporated areas of Santa Rosa and Okaloosa County. 

This means we will be able to get to your yard waste more frequently, and with less effort for you. In order to have your grass clippings, tree limbs and other debris pickup up swiftly, check out our infographic!

In some cases, if you have finished up land clearing, or other significant tasks with tree trunk sized yard debris, heavy rocks and other larger-than-average debris, we can serve you with a special bulk pickup. For more information, call us at 537.3282 or email us at chelsea@adamssanitation.com

Bulk Waste Pickup

Adams Sanitation is proud to provide its customers throughout it’s Santa Rosa and Okaloosa County service area with bulk waste pickup as a part of its regular service!

Bulk waste service in Baker, Holt, Pace, East Milton, Jay, Harold and other areas of northern Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties does have some rules that you can familiarize yourself with in our Bulk Waste Policy infographic

In some cases, you may have an item that is too large for our regular pickup. Items such as sofas, entertainment centers, mattresses and other oversized items are eligible for a special pickup. For more information, call us at 537.3282 or email us at chelsea@adamssanitation.com


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